We have a team of experts who control quality and present unbiased reviews for the readers. Here’s the core team:

Meghan Lee – Founder

Meghan Lee founded quite early on. She saw the potential that technology has and knew that it could penetrate to an unimaginable depth in our lives. And she could not have been more accurate! She is 33 years old and has already made a name for herself in entrepreneurial circles.

Her contribution as a writer at the FutureTech magazine helped him earn his early fame. Later, with GamePolar she became a common case study in the universities and schools. Her business model and the consumer-centric approach are widely acclaimed.

Her idea of bringing the huge amount of resources and intellect to generate tech literature has paid off and made this website one of the first places where any buyer goes before actually purchasing any product. She still has the vision to expand the horizons of and venture into bringing the reviews to users in modern and sophisticated ways through wearable devices.

Jeff Lampkin – Writer

Jeff Lampkin was the first writer to have joined He has since then inculcated very effective writing and reviewing culture at GamePolar which rivals have found impossible to imitate. His approach has been to work on the basics while the whole world was focusing on the superstructures.

He leads not only the content writing team but is also involved in the hiring process which allows his to screen the applicants and pick those writers who fit in with his criteria of high standards.

In all his interviews he mentions how he feels her role is a highly responsible one as he has to look after the content they publish and also the usability and relevance of products they choose to review.