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People have already began making mods for Resident Evil 2 Remake

It hasn’t been even a month since Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake was released, and people are already making mods for the game. It is something that might be expected of a game that fans have been asking Capcom to make for quite some time now. However, modding the game merely a week after release is a reaction of a whole other level of adoration for the game altogether. There have been multiple attempts and modifications to the game, but the most popular ones as desired by the seekers of chills are limited to two. And these two are brilliant mods as far as adding horror to the game goes. The first mod is an 8GB Neural Network based Texture pack which changes and enhances the textures on the maps of the entire game by using AI. This texture keeps constantly changing and evolving which makes it only creepier. The mod was released by the modder known as Shiryu. The used 1,600 different textures as samples for the project and ran them through a Neural Network based AI which modified all the textures in the game. While this does not change any details of the map, it certainly makes the game look much sharper and scarier. This texture mod was initially meant to be used with the Resident Evil HD Remaster, but since the release of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, they decided to apply the texture packs on this version of the game as well, and most gamers who have played with his texture packs agree that the game looks and feels much better than the original with the upgrades. The second mod comes in the form of the older Fixed Camera angles system which Resident Evil was famous for. Modder Enveloping Sounds have┬ádecided to take it upon himself to mod the Remake of the original game such that it will use his fixed camera angles reminiscent of the older Resident Evil games instead of the Over-the-should camera from the new games. The modder says that this project is still in its infancy and would certainly be difficult to implement across the entire game primarily owing to the variations in lighting and more. However, he says that it is a mod which he would like to make for those who ‘like the claustrophobia and anticipation of fixed cameras.’
“The near pitch black lighting in certain areas of the police station was designed with the over-the-shoulder view and flashlight in mind. Much of the environmental detail simply isn’t visible, so you’d have to add tons of light sources around all the blacked-out areas.”
Other challenges which this mod must address is the aiming system for the game which must be modified such that the player can target around the game with relative ease when fixed camera angles are considered. While this is not such a major problem in itself, the behavior of the enemy must also be changed accordingly to match the abilities of the player, making the mod more difficult than easy to make. With so many immersive mods being released for the game, Resident Evil 2 Remake is aiming to be the next big thing in the world of gaming. After all, the fans had been asking for it for over a decade. And the results have been well worth the wait.