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45 Best jarred kalamata olives in 2023: According to Experts.

Written by Jeff Lampkin

You could get any random jarred kalamata olives, but if you’re looking for expert advice on choosing the best one for your needs then you’ve arrived at the right place.

It doesn’t matter what your jarred kalamata olives needs are or what your budget is, because I’ve done an in-depth analysis to include the best-rated options suitable for diversified usage needs and different budget ranges.

To make this list, I’ve spent 91 hours researching jarred kalamata olives from the best brands such as: Mediterranean Organics, Divina, Mezzetta.

Note: Make sure that option you’re choosing has all the features you need. Afterall, is there any point in purchasing something that’s not usable?

45 Best jarred kalamata olives in 2023: After 91 Hours of Research

To make this list an unbiased resource for choosing the best jarred kalamata olives, I contacted 14 experts and discussed various aspects to consider. After a huge discussion, I went across customer reviews, researched the reputed brands, and a lot of other things. Because my aim is to recommend products that are highly value for your money.

1. Mediterranean Organics Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives, 8.4 oz -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Mediterranean Organics

  • Mediterranean Organic Kalamata Olives – Pitted – 8.4 Ounces

3. Mezzetta Stuffed Olives, Jalapeno, 10 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Mezzetta

  • FIRM AND BUTTERY – We use large Spanish-style olives imported from the sun-drenched Mediterranean
  • BALANCED – Crisp savory olive with just the right balance of heat and savory olive flavor.
  • HAND STUFFED – Painstakingly hand stuffed with a jalapeño strip
  • CALIFORNIA GROWN – Jalapeño peppers are shipped to our Napa Valley facility and packed within twenty-four hours of harvest
  • MEZZETTA – Great things come in glass jars

4. Mediterranean Organic Kalamata Olives, Pitted, 8.4 oz -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Mediterranean Organic

  • A deep purple-black color and marinated in red wine vinegar for full flavor
  • Perfect for salads, pastas, pizza, or an antipasti platter
  • Tree-ripened olives

5. Peloponnese Kalamata Pitted Olives, 6 Pack -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Peloponnese

  • Whether you are preparing a classic mezze platter, crowd-pleasing charcuterie board or looking to update your pizza toppings, Peloponnese has you covered!
  • AUTHENTIC: Peloponnese products offer the excitement of authentic, finest quality, imported Mediterranean foods, ready to use by themselves or as flavorful ingredients in many recipes.
  • DELICIOUS: Our range of Kalamata Olives is sure to satisfy all your entertaining and culinary needs
  • Nutritious and delicious Peloponnese products – authentic foods naturally lower in fat (vegetable based) are perfect for all consumers.
  • INNOVATIVE: Peloponnese leads as the first Pitted Kalamata Olives and Roasted Red Florina Peppers on the US market
  • All olive varieties are hand-harvested from small farms in the Mediterranean (many of these trees are hundreds of years old)
  • The curing process is a meticulous process conducted using proprietary traditional methods
  • HEALTH CONCIOUS: The Mediterranean Diet has become increasingly popular and is now widely recognized as the standard in healthy eating
  • We started the olive bar concept
  • We are the pioneers in preservative free shelf stable spreads.
  • We go the extra mile for flavor and product integrity.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Peloponnese has long been recognized for establishing high quality, brine-cured Greek olives in the U.S

6. Pitted Whole Greek Kalamata Olives, Organic 7 Ounces (Case of 6) -Kalamata

By Jeff’s Naturals

  • 7 Ounces
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Gluten Free

8. Grekko’s Large Kalamata Olives, 4.4 Lbs / 2.00 Kg (Pitted) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Grekko

  • Just open and place in a plate
  • Don’t settle for substitutes!
  • Perfect with salads, appetizers, pasta, potatoes, rice and other entrees
  • Product of Greece
  • See recipes on Facebook @grekkolive.
  • Ingredients: Kalamata variety whole olives, water, wine vinegar, sea salt, vegetable oil.
  • No additional preparation required
  • Easily marinade yourself in olive oil with garlic and herbs
  • Hand-picked, superior Kalamata olives from the fields of Sparta
  • Healthy snack, relatively low on salinity
  • Consume pitted and stuffed olives with caution: they may contain pits or pit fragments.
  • No preservatives, artificial coloring, or flavors
  • Ready to be served

9. Divina Organic Kalamata Olive Spread, 8.5 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Divina

  • non GMO and All Natural
  • Rich, savory and aromatic
  • A small amount of this delicious tapenade delivers a lot of flavor
  • Made From authentic Greek Kalamata olives

10. Mario Camacho Foods Pitted Snack Olives, Variety Pack,1.05 Ounce (Pack of 12) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Mario Camacho

  • Kosher
  • Contains 12-1.05oz pouches
  • All natural
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free

11. Natural Catch Tuna Filets, Hand Cut, High Quality, Pole & Line Caught, 130 Calories Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto Friendly, Premium Yellowfin Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4.4 oz per can- Pack of 12) (Yellowfin in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Natural Catch

  • Pole and Line Fishing Methods to keep our ocean safe
  • Keto & Paleo Friendly.
  • High quality Yellowfin Tuna Hand Cut in Filet style like a Grade A Steak
  • High in Protein
  • Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is imported from Spain.
  • A good source of Omega-3s which has various health benefits including benefits for the Heart.
  • Our Tuna looks different and that’s because we take the time to properly slice our Tuna in a Filet style.

12. Parthenon Pitted Kalamata Olives in Brine with Red Wine Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil 52.91oz -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Parthenon Company

  • EXP 1/12/2024 under Him & Her Online Market LLC Only
  • kalamata olives, water, red wine vinegar, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil

13. Divina, Olives Kalamata Pitted, 10.2 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Divina

  • Authentic Kalamata varietal from Greece
  • Hand picked and traditionally cured
  • Non-GMO, Clean/Natural Ingredients

14. Organic Black Kalamata Olives – NON-GMO – Gluten Free – Large – Pitted – USDA Certified Organic (13.1 oz) – Product of Kalamata, Greece – Brine with Sea Salt, Water, Organic EVOO and Organic Vinegar -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Liokareas

  • A perfect low-calorie snack that fits your lifestyle.
  • GREEK OLIVE – Kalamata is a small city in Greece known for growing some of the best olives in the world.
  • Large almond shaped olive, purple/black in color with a strong, distinct flavor
  • DELICIOUS IN SALADS – Or appetizer plates alone or on a charcuterie board or in pasta.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – At Liokareas we’ve been harvesting our farm for 5 generations to bring you the highest tasting Kalamata Olive
  • With simple, heathy, plant-based, organic ingredients, Our olives are: Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, & Vegan
  • FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE – Whatever your dietary needs, we most likely have you covered
  • PERFECT FOOD FOR SANCKS – Liokareas Organic Kalamata Olives make eating fun by enjoying a healthy and all natural snack.

15. 365 by Whole Foods Market, Olives Mediterranean Organic, 4.6 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By 365 by Whole Foods Market

  • Enjoy!
  • During this transition, you may get the original packaging or the new packaging in your order, but the product and quality is staying exactly the same
  • Product of Greece.
  • Certified Organic, Vegan.
  • Brought to you by Whole Foods Market.  The packaging for this product has a fresh new look

16. Liokareas Black Pitted Kalamata Olives Fresh 4.4lbs, NON GMO, Organic Olives, Gluten Free, Keto Paleo, Black Olives Pitted Organic Brine w/ Sea Salt, Water, Red Wine Vinegar, and EVOO, No Lactic Acid -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Liokareas

  • Delicious in Salads: Or appetizer plates alone or on a charcuterie board or in pasta
  • Premium Quality You Can Trust: At Liokareas we’ve been harvesting our farm for 5 generations to bring you the highest tasting Kalamata Olive
  • Ready to eat
  • You can also stuff black olives with cheese or meat, or use as toppings on pizza, salads, or sandwiches.
  • Kalamata Olives are found only on the Peloponnese peninsula in Southern Greece.
  • Handpicked and hand packed
  • With simple, heathy, plant-based, organic ingredients, our olives are: Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, & Vegan
  • Greek Olive: Kalamata is a small city in Greece known for growing some of the best olives in the world
  • A perfect low-calorie snack that fits your lifestyle.
  • Contains no lactic acid.
  • Perfect Food for Snacks: Liokareas Kalamata Olives make eating fun by enjoying a healthy and all natural snack.
  • Large almond shaped olive, purple/black in color with a strong, distinct flavor
  • Fits Your Lifestyle: Whatever your dietary needs, we most likely have you covered

17. Tassos Pitted Kalamata Extra Large Olives from Greece 1.5L Jar. -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Tassos

  • Harvested and Packaged in Greece
  • Buy yours now!
  • One 1.5 L (52.91 oz) jar of extra large pitted Kalamata olives
  • Harvested and Packaged in Greece
  • In Tassos extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar

18. Roland Foods Pitted Greek Country Olive Mix, Specialty Imported Food, 4 Lb 6 Oz Jar -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Roland Foods

  • BOLD AND SPICY: Marinated with garlic and pepperoncini peppers for a strong flavor
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY: Bulk 4 Lb 6 Oz tub is ideal for use in food service or in the home
  • IMPORTED FROM GREECE: A gourmet international specialty food product
  • READY TO EAT: Enjoy the Greek olives directly from the bag with no preparation needed
  • GREEK OLIVE MIX: Includes whole Kalamata, green, and black Greek olives

19. Diamond of California Pine Nuts, 2.25 Oz -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Diamond of California

  • Farm to table flavor – harvested & packaged fresh in California’s Central Valley
  • Bag of pine nuts
  • Made for homemade – Diamond nuts are unseasoned and perfect for baking, cooking, snacking or adding as a topping to your favorite salad, dessert, yogurt, cereal, or granola
  • Pine nuts in convenient sizes – Contains 1 – 2.25 oz
  • We believe that adding nuts makes good Food even better!
  • Perfect portion sizes – about a 1/2 cup of Diamond of California pine nuts
  • Non-gmo projct Verified, No cholesterol – Certified Kosher

20. Cento – Oil Cured Black Olives, (2)- 7 oz. Jars -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Cento

  • Sun Dried & Oil Cured for Authentic Italian Flavor
  • Enjoy as an Appetizer or in Salad
  • (2)- 7 oz
  • All Natural
  • Whole Mediterranean Black Olives
  • Jars

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21. 2 Pack Of Tassos All Natural Double Stuffed Jalapeno And Garlic Super Mammoth Olives (2X35.27 oz.) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Tassos

  • Spicy And Full Of Flavor
  • Tassos All Natural Greek Olives
  • Imported From Greece
  • Super Mammoth Olives

22. Ancient Foods – Organic Black Kalamon Mountain Olives in Vinegar and Olive Oil -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Ancient Foods

  • USDA Organic
  • The unique mountain recipe provides the perfect balance of earthy tartness from the local organic vinegar and an elegant, subtle sweetness from the world renowned organic extra virgin olive oil.
  • Yianni’s mutli-generational farm grows the ancient Kalamon varietal of olives in the arid rock of Mount Taygetos, giving our olives their distinct, elegant flavor.

23. 365 by Whole Foods Market, Olives Black Ripe Pitted Medium, 6 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By 365 by Whole Foods Market

  • 365 by Whole Foods Market products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling, virtual aisles too! Our huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

24. Divina, Pitted Kalamata Olives, 6 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Divina

  • Mediterranean flavor, savory snack
  • Pair with Feta
  • Smoky and fruity
  • Specialty Olives

25. Trader Joe’s Olive Tapenade With Kalamata And Chalkidiki Olives 9.5 oz (Case of 4) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Trader Joe’s

  • See description for more ideas.
  • Kalamata And Chalkidiki Olives
  • Imported from Greece
  • Enjoy as a spread for sandwiches, a dip for fresh vegetables or crostini, mix into hummus, spoon onto grilled fish, steak or chicken
  • With both kalamata and Chalkidiki olives, the jar is equal parts black and green olives to please parties of both preference
  • Olive Tapenade
  • Olive tapenade is a surefire hit at any gathering
  • Serve it with pita chips, crackers, or toasted baguette.

26. Byzantine Pitted Olive Mix, Country, 5 Pound -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Byzantine

  • Purple-black to black in color
  • A must in green salads and on appetizer trays.
  • A part of the Mediterranean diet, Byzantine olives are great healthy snack or addition to any recipe.
  • All olive varieties are hand-harvested from small farms in the Mediterranean
  • Firm, full-flavored, tender, sweet
  • Byzantine olives are naturally cured, using methods that are centuries old, in sea salt, herbs and spices.
  • We go the extra mile for flavor and product integrity.

27. Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lightly Smoked, Keto and Paleo, 4.4 Ounce (Pack of 12) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Wild Planet

  • WILD SARDINES IN EVOO, LIGHTLY SMOKED – Wild caught sardines in organic olive oil and lightly smoked for a delicious, full flavor.
  • FROM THE NORTH PACIFIC – Feel confident that the sardines you’re enjoying are harvested in the Pacific with sustainable methods, making them healthy for the Earth and your body.
  • RICH IN NUTRITION & FLAVOR – A nutritional powerhouse, Wild Planet sardines are an essential source of omega 3, protein, calcium, and iron.
  • SUSTAINABLE & NON-GMO – Wild Planet Sardines are 100% sustainably caught via free school purse seine methods, and are Gluten free, non-GMO, OU Kosher Pareve.
  • WILDLY GOOD – Wild Planet Foods is dedicated to maintaining the ocean’s natural ecosystem while providing delicious, healthy and sustainable wild seafood.

28. Roland Foods Black Olive Paste, Specialty Imported Food, 6 Lb 2 Oz Pail -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Roland Foods

  • BLACK OLIVE PASTE: Make your own delicious olive tapenade and olive dip
  • IMPORTED FROM ITALY: A gourmet international specialty food product
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY: Ideal for use in food service or in the home
  • READY TO EAT: Enjoy the jarred food immediately with no preparation needed
  • INTENSE OLIVE FLAVOR: Use as an ingredient or spread directly on sandwiches and tartines

29. Tragano Greek Organics Pitted Kalamata Greek Olives (8 Ounce, 2 Pack) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Tragano Greek Organics

  • Olives are carefully hand-selected from a single estate
  • Pitted for your convenience – eat by themselves, add to cocktails, or use as garnishes
  • Firm and robust Kalamata olives (hand-selected) with a fantastic mild flavor, not too salty
  • Artisanal Pitted Kalamata Greek Olives – USDA Certified Organic – Product of Greece
  • Kalamata olives are a good source of healthy fats, fiber, Vitamin A, calcium, and iron

30. Trader Joes Marinated Olive Duo with Lemon and Herbs (2 Pack), 8.8 OZ each -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Trader Joe’s

  • Olives contain pits
  • Features two types of olives marinated with lemon and herbs
  • Must refrigerate after opening
  • Vacuum sealed for freshness
  • Each pack is 8.80 oz so you get 17.6 oz total

31. Divina Organic Kalamata Olive Spread, 8.5 Oz. (Case of 6) -Green

By Divina

  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Yeast Free, Wheat Free
  • Non GMO
  • Divina Organic Kalmata Spread – 6 Pack
  • Easy-to-open glass jar.
  • Bold, fruity taste

32. Divina Organic Sliced Kalamata Olives, 10.2 Ounce Net Weight -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Divina

  • CLEAN, SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free and gluten-free
  • HEALTHY, CLEAN SNACK: For savory cravings, pair it with feta, halloumi, salami, pinot noir, pilsner, or watermelon
  • QUALITY PRODUCTS: Divina olives and antipasti represent authentic taste, traceability, and superb quality
  • DELICIOUS RECIPE IDEAS: Toss into a classic Greek salad with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and stuffed grape leaves, or sauté with arugula and hot cherry peppers, or garlic, and olive oil
  • DELIGHTFUL APPETIZER: These Kalamata black olives are smoky, and fruity with hints of red wine, and are perfect for tossing/topping into/onto salads, pasta, pizza, wraps, and more
  • The Divina name is the gold standard in responsibility and traditionally prepared Mediterranean specialties

33. Del Monte Petite Cut Green Beans, 14.5 Oz, (Pack Of 12) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Del Monte

  • Canned green beans are Non-GMO* with no artificial preservatives
  • Twelve 14.5 oz cans of DEL MONTE BLUE LAKE Petite Cut Green Beans
  • Canned vegetables offer fresh flavor in a quick, convenient side dish
  • Green beans are ready to eat alone or in casseroles
  • Fresh tasting vegetables with just green beans, water and sea salt

34. Wild Planet Wild Pacific Mackerel Fillets (SABA), Skin-On & Boneless, Delicious & Sustainable, 5 oz, (Pack of 12) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Wild Planet

  • LOW IN MERCURY – We conduct 3rd party testing to ensure that our Wild Pacific Mackerel is very low in mercury.
  • These mackerel fillets are packed with just a touch of sea salt and that’s it.
  • PACKED WITH PROTEIN, OMEGA-3s & VITAMIN D – Each serving our Wild Pacific Mackerel has 31g of protein, 1690mg EPA and DHA Omega-3s and provides 1205 of daily value for Vitamin D.
  • WILD PACIFIC MACKEREL – Sustainably sourced in the Pacific Ocean, Wild Planet Mackerel Fillets are non-GMO, OU Kosher Pareve and gluten-free.
  • SKIN RETAINED FOR BEST NUTRITION – These meaty fillets have the skin on, providing a more flavor-forward & nutrient dense experience.
  • SIMPLE & PURE INGREDIENTS – We never include any added water, oil or fillers

35. Goya Manzanilla Spanish Stuffed With Minced Pimientos, Olive, 6.75 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Goya

  • It helps in reducing the levels of obesity and reduces risk of osteoporosis
  • Low-fat, cholesterol-free, trans fat-free and contains no carbohydrates and no sugar
  • Spanish olives stuffed with minced pimientos
  • Item Package Dimension: 6.1cm L x 6.1cm W x 15.2cm H

36. Mario Camacho Foods Spanish Collection Gift Box, Spanish Olives, 29 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Mario Camacho

  • Gluten Free
  • All natural
  • Contains 29oz Gift Box
  • Non GMO
  • Kosher

37. OLOVES Natural Whole Pitted Olives | 24 Pack Variety | Basil & Garlic, Chili & Oregano, Lemon & Rosemary | Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free + Keto Friendly Healthy Snacks, 1.1 Ounce (Pack of 24) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Oloves

  • NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED: Our olives are packaged in individual bags to share or keep all for yourself
  • HEALTHY SNACK PACKED WITH FLAVOR: This variety pack comes all 4 of our delicious flavors: Basil & Garlic, Chili & Oregano, Lemon & Rosemary, and Black Kalamata Olive Chili & Garlic
  • Made with 100% all natural, simple ingredients and NO additives
  • With only 50 calories per pack and low in saturated fats, this is the perfect addition to anyone’s lunch or midday snack.
  • Gluten free snacks that are so delicious – even your kids will eat them up!
  • Each pack has at least 10 juicy olives, with no pits! Perfect for picnics, camping food, office snacks, lunchbox snacks or while you’re on the trail.
  • High in flavor, low in calories.
  • Stash in your backpack or purse for a quick bite!
  • ON THE GO: Perfect for a snack on the run, our packs contain no liquid, just tear open and enjoy
  • DIET FRIENDLY: All of our Oloves are gluten free, vegan, keto friendly, kosher and fit perfectly into your Whole 30, Paleo or Keto diet plans
  • MADE WITH A WHOLE LOTTA’ LOVE: We keep it simple with just delicious olives that are seasoned to perfection
  • Makes for a perfect gift basket addition or stocking stuffer for the foodies in your life

38. théa Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml) I NEW Harvest 2020/2021 I Koroneiki Variety I First Cold Pressed I Low Acidity I Unblended I Handpicked & Harvested in Kalamata, Greece -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By théa olive oil

  • THE PERFECT INGREDIENT – Use it for grilling, sautéing, dipping, dressings, marinades, pasta, seafood, and just everything else! Replace butter with extra virgin olive oil, and immediately transform your diet into a healthier one.
  • 100% GREEK EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – Handpicked and harvested from our family olive groves in Kalamata, Greece, théa olive oil is single sourced, and never mixed or blended with other oils.
  • Olive oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet – an essential ingredient for the world’s longest living cultures
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – The health benefits of olive oil are unrivaled, and research reveals more benefits nearly her day
  • Screw on cap, built-in pourer for easy use, and sealed in a dark bottle to protect the oil from light.
  • LIMITED EDITION BOTTLE – This harvest is bottled in a Limited Edition “Kalamata” bottle with gift box
  • KORONEIKI VARIETY – The Koroneiki olive is considered the “queen of olives” in Greece, and is recognized worldwide as one of the preferred olives for olive oil production
  • Extra virgin olive oil is a natural superfood, and contains antioxidants, polyphenols, is naturally gluten/cholesterol/sodium-free and is a source of Vitamin E.
  • This olive variety is native to the Peloponnese region of southern Greece.

39. Mezzetta Kalamata Olives, Sliced, 9.5 Ounce -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Mezzetta

  • SLICED – Convenience and quality are King at Mezzetta
  • These sliced Kalamatas are a time saver
  • MEZZETTA – Great things come in glass jars
  • VERSATILE – Perfect on sandwiches, pizza or in a tapenade
  • TENDER AND MEATY – Deep purple in color and succulently rich in flavor these olives are famous crowd pleasers
  • IMPORTED – Greek Kalamata Olives from ancient olive groves in Greece

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41. Thai Kitchen Stir Fry Rice Noodles, 14 oz -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Thai Kitchen

  • Gluten free, vegan
  • Easy to prepare, great addition to Pad Thai and other stir-fry dishes
  • FUN FACT: Rice noodles give your Southeast Asian stir-fry the traditional Thai rice taste and texture you’re craving
  • Wheat-free and egg-free
  • Allergen information: abalone_free
  • Steamed rice noodles, not fried

42. BRAMI Lupini Beans Snack, Garlic & Rosemary | 7g Plant Protein, 0g Net Carbs | Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Plant Based, Mediterranean Diet, Non Perishable | 5.3 Ounce (8 Count) -Grocery & Gourmet Food


  • FEEL GOOD: BRAMI won’t compromise your diet or leave you feeling sluggish; Only 60 calories and 0g net carbs per serving; That’s 80% fewer calories than almonds and 60% fewer carbs than chickpeas
  • Our recipe is a modern twist on the way lupini beans have been prepared and served for thousands of years
  • SIMPLY PICKLED: We lightly pickle our lupini beans with savory spices for a delicious, nutritious, and fresh alternative to dry, processed snacks
  • PERFECT FOR ALL DIETS: A staple of the Mediterranean diet, BRAMI is also perfect for our vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, gluten-free, diabetic, type1, dairy-free, and soy-free friends
  • THE MEDITERRANEAN ANSWER TO EDAMAME: Lupini Beans (also known as lupin or lupine beans) have been enjoyed in the Mediterranean since Ancient Rome as a festive appetizer snack, similar to Japan’s edamame
  • CONQUER HUNGER: Packed with plant protein and fiber to satisfy hunger; 50% more protein than eggs; 50% more protein than chickpeas; 2x more fiber than edamame

43. Peloponnese Mediterranean Specialties Gourmet Black Olives, Pitted Kalamata , 11.1 oz -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Peloponnese

  • All natural.
  • Firm texture and full flavor
  • Olives are tree-ripened and naturally brine cured for the purple-black color

44. Casablanca Market Black Olives Tapenade Spread All Natural Olive Tapenade Black Olive Spread Gluten Free Olives Non GMO Vegan Plant Based – No Preservatives or Added Sugars (eBook included) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Casablanca Market

  • Simply contact us directly through the Amazon messaging system and we will be happy to assist you with any issues or difficulties you encounter
  • Our black olive spread is a blend of Moroccan black olives, capers, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and Herb de Provence with no hidden ingredients giving you peace of mind when making your pasta dishes, garlic hummus, as olive spread or any other meal.
  • A tapenade spread topped with Moroccan extra virgin olive oil will transform your food into unique dishes like your favorite vegan pizza
  • MOROCCAN COOKING: North African, Mediterranean, and Moroccan food is known for exotic and delicious flavors and ingredients
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: At Casablanca Market we stand by our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: We gather our olives from local farmers in Marrakesh
  • We will offer a 30-day money back guarantee on any product purchased from Casablanca Market directly
  • Enjoy a black olives snack by spreading our tapenade on your favorite sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, salads, pasta dishes, and much more
  • We strive to maintain Morocco’s unique culinary history delivering real olive tapenade with every purchase of this fruit spread
  • 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for!
  • GUILT-FREE TREAT: Our olive Tapenade is Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Plant Based
  • TASTY RECIPES: {Recipe ebook included} Morrocan food offers unique twists of flavor and taste unlike any other cuisine
  • Bring food from Morocco to your kitchen starting with top quality ingredients like our Moroccan olives spread.

45. Mario Camacho Olive Gift Box, 6.25 oz, (Pack of 4) -Grocery & Gourmet Food

By Mario Camacho

  • Non GMO
  • Green Olives with Touch of Olive Oil
  • Gift Box includes 4 flavors
  • Kalamata w/ Oregano and Touch of Olive Oil
  • All natural

Best Brands

Buying a product from a reputable manufacturer that provides high brand value is one of the most essential things. Based on my research, here are the top brands that make the best jarred kalamata olives.

  • Mediterranean Organics
  • Divina
  • Mezzetta
  • Mediterranean Organic
  • Peloponnese
  • Jeff’s Naturals
  • Grekko
  • Mario Camacho
  • Natural Catch
  • Parthenon Company

The Buyer’s Guide

Although the aim of this list is to help you choose the best option for your needs. This guide shall help you make an informed purchase decision. Here are the few things to consider when choosing a jarred kalamata olives.

1. Features

There’s no point in purchasing a jarred kalamata olives that doesn’t solve your usage needs. Sometimes, even the best option wouldn’t have all the options you’d need. That’s why list down all your feature requirements and make sure that the option you’ve chosen comes with all of them.

2. Budget

Budget plays an important role, if it wasn’t for the budget, wouldn’t everyone purchase the most expensive option? However, before you decide the budget, I’d recommend you to make a list of features you’d need. In case a feature you need the most isn’t available in your budget range, then there’s no point in buying it, is there?

My advice is to make sure that the product has all the features you need then decide the budget. If a product you’ve chosen isn’t having all the features you need, then you should consider increasing your budget.

3. Value For Money

There are times when you shall come across various jarred kalamata olives that shall have all the features you need. However, the price difference shall exist. In a situation like this, it is recommended to value each feature and make sure that you’re not overpaying for a feature you wouldn’t use.

4. Brand, Customer Support, & Warranty

Purchasing a product from a reputed brand is very important. Not only does it guarantee high-quality build, but you also get much better customer support.

You should also make sure that it has a decent warranty, it is really helpful in case a product breaks down due to manufacturing defects. Also, repairs during warranty are generally free of cost (depends on service terms).

5. Individual Product Reviews

You don’t have to watch individual reviews of each jarred kalamata olives in this list. However, pick 2-3 options that have all the technical aspects according to your usage needs. Once you’re ready with it, go to YouTube/Amazon and look at video/customer reviews to make sure that the existing buyers are satisfied with the product.

The FAQs

Which is the best jarred kalamata olives?

According to my research, the Mediterranean Organics Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives, 8.4 oz is the best option.

Is Mediterranean Organics a reliable brand?

It’s one of the best brands, not only does it make the top-rated jarred kalamata olives, but it also is known for its exceptional service.

Which is the cheapest yet powerful jarred kalamata olives?

According to me, the Mario Camacho Foods Pitted Snack Olives, Variety Pack,1.05 Ounce (Pack of 12) is one of the cheapest options available and yet has all the features.

Are there deals going on?

A few of the options in our article are currently available for a discounted price. However, check out the product listing to find more information.

What brands should I consider when purchasing?

Based on my research, these are the top 5 brands: Mediterranean Organics, Divina, Mezzetta, Mediterranean Organic, and Peloponnese.

Should I buy it online or go to an offline store?

Shopping online comes with a few advantages such as discounted pricing, quick delivery at home. However, if you’re in a hurry or can find the product for a cheaper price in the offline market, consider visiting the offline store.

The Verdict

Choosing the right product isn’t easy and for many of them it could be a time consuming task. However, with this guide, my aim is to help you guys find the perfect jarred kalamata olives for your needs.

I’ve done a huge research to ensure that options I’ve listed are among the best. Like mentioned above, I also interviewed many experts to make sure that the enlisted models are high quality.

I hope that you’re able to find the right jarred kalamata olives for your usage. If you are still struggling to find one, feel free to comment below or contact me.

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