Cheap Gaming Keyboards
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With Gaming Keyboards in abundance these days, it’s difficult to come by one which suits all your needs and purposes without burning a hole right through your pocket. The fact that most companies charge quite high for most of these keyboards simply because they have the term ‘Gaming’ associated with them doesn’t help either. It only serves as a means to sell products at unreasonably higher prices in most cases.

While there are keyboards which are actually a class apart from others and are reasonably priced for the features which they offer, they are a true rarity and mark-up usually makes up most of the price in either case. However, there are also some amazing keyboards which offer quite a lot of features while being extremely reasonable on your pocket. It may seem like a win-win situation; too good to be true, but it is a reality which we can validate to be the truth.

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1. Logitech K120 Ergonomic Keyboard: Best under $30

Logitech K120 Ergonomic Keyboard
Logitech K120 Ergonomic Keyboard

The Logitech K120 is an ergonomic keyboard meant primarily for comfort and durability. The keyboard comes with a USB cable to connect it to your PC. The keyboard neither has any keys for macros, nor decorative lights.

It is, instead designed quite economically and shaped to give you maximum comfort while typing and resting your hands on the keyboard. The ergonomic keyboard, however, features full-sized keys for typing comfort which makes it quite difficult for you to miss any keystroke.

It is also designed to ensure that your hands are under the least possible stress and assume a more neutral resting position while you rest your hands on the keyboard in a ready state. The keyboard also features spill-proof keys so that you don’t accidentally destroy your keyboard when you spill your drink on it. Even the keys are made with Logitech’s whisper quiet technology which ensures that the keyboard doesn’t make much noise when being used. On the downside, you can press a few keys without realizing it at times as the keys lack a specific bounce-back as desired from the keyboard.

However, what makes this a gaming keyboard is the fact that it can handle a lot of impacts. In fact, the keyboard is so durable that you can smash the keys with all the might you have without ruining anything or making much noise. You can safely press the up button as hard as you can to make your car go faster without having to worry about breaking your keyboard even if it looks rather fragile. The second reason that this keyboard is great for gaming is the fact that it has an amazing response rate, and doesn’t need much pressure to register a button press. The response time on this keyboard can easily rival most keyboards priced at much higher ranges.

If you’re okay with sacrificing your macros and looks for simple, cheap gaming efficiency, then this keyboard is your best option. It comes with the one-year Logitech warranty.


  • Comfortable design.
  • Silent keystrokes.
  • Durable.
  • Spill-proof keyboard.
  • Full-sized keys.
  • Quick key-press registry.


  • Doesn’t have macros.
  • No decorations.
  • Keys have an average spring to them.
  • Keys are subject to ghosting.

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2. AULA Catalyst Gaming Keyboard

AULA Catalyst Gaming Keyboard
AULA Catalyst Gaming Keyboard

The AULA Catalyst Gaming Keyboard is a significant upgrade from the Logitech K120. While it does not come from a very reputed brand like Logitech does, it certainly makes up for most needs of a gaming keyboard.

This keyboard does not have a backlight, however, it does look quite stylish and is shaped for comfort from different angles. We all know how crazy the pros strike their keyboards. Nonetheless, this keyboard is designed to give you comfort no matter how you hold it or keep it. After all, it is meant for gaming and not just simple typing.

This specific keyboard also comes with a spill-proof design which ensures that you don’t accidentally ruin it when you drop your drink on it. Furthermore, it has five drain holes at the bottom of the keyboard to ensure that any liquid doesn’t get trapped and can be vented out to prevent damage.

The keyboard also features multimedia control keys so that you can switch your music on the go as you play your favorite game. This enables you to make sure that you don’t miss a moment of action while playing your game with complete focus. However, they are placed near the top and hence, do take away a bit from quick accessibility of multimedia control. But, that’s much better than having to switch in and out of the game.

The keyboard also features removable keys which can be replaced with keys of any color that you want. It comes with blue colored keys for WASD and the directional keys.

The keys also have a good spring to them and the keys feel quite deep and comfortable to play with. They are durable enough to smash over and over and even rage quit out of a game. You can go extra hard on the keyboard without damaging a bit of it. Provided you stick to just button smashing, of course.

However, the keys on this keyboard really need to be pressed down and aren’t sensitive enough to be satisfactory. While that shouldn’t be an issue in most cases, sometimes milliseconds can be the difference between a win and a loss. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Durable.
  • Removable keys.
  • Spill-proof design with five spill drains.
  • Multimedia macros.
  • Good spring on the keys.
  • Comfortably designed.
  • Looks quite stylish.


  • Lacks backlights.
  • Keys aren’t as sensitive.
  • Keys are subject to ghosting.

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3. Mpow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mpow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Mpow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Mpow Gaming Keyboard is a very fine choice for most gamers looking to get an effective mechanical gaming keyboard for cheap. The keyboard has a lot of little features which make it a very lucrative option for an entry level gaming keyboard including features like the way it’s shaped, a customizable backlight, as well as interchangeable keys.

Starting off with perhaps the best feature, the keyboard has a backlight which can be controlled with a dial on top of the keyboard. The keyboard has a separate button to turn the backlight on and off. The knob can be used to effectively control the intensity of the backlight right down to the finest point where it is sufficient enough to be pleasing but not bright enough to sting your eyes. The downside here is that the backlight comes in only the rainbow color which can be set to static or breathing.

Moving on to the keys, they have a splendid bounce to them which makes it perfect for high-intensity gaming. The keyboard itself is also quite durable and can handle an amazing amount of stress without breaking. There are 19 keys which are anti-ghosting enabled, meaning that every single keystroke will be registered by the keyboard, and no keystroke will go unnoticed. Furthermore, the keys are also removable and can be replaced by other keys. Not only that, the WASD keys can be interchanged with the arrow keys and the Windows key can also be disabled to avoid any popups while in-game. However, some people with bigger fingers may find that the keys are smaller and the design of the keyboard only further adds to the fact that it is difficult to use. The print on the keys also seem to be quite delicate and begin to wear off soon.

The keyboard has a spill-proof design. Furthermore, it is also designed to have a curve in its frame which enables greater comfort while typing and playing games. Not only that, but the space bar is also designed with two notches which not only add to the stylish looks of the keyboard but also make tapping the space bar easier.

The keyboard also has a diverse range of multimedia keys which range from controlling the volume to switching media and opening the calculator and searching the internet for things unknown. However, not all of them are compatible with all devices and whether all of them will work depends entirely upon how much your driver is compatible with your keyboard.


  • Ergonomic design for greater comfort.
  • Quite a lot of macros.
  • Replaceable keys.
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys.
  • Direction keys are swappable.
  • Windows key can be disabled.
  • Durable.
  • Spill-proof design.
  • A broad range of multimedia keys.
  • Backlight control offers great flexibility.


  • The keyboard can be difficult to use for people with bigger hands and fingers.
  • The backlight has only one rainbow color.
  • Multimedia macros don’t work all the time.

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4. Picktech F1: Cheap Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Picktech F1 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Picktech F1 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The Picktech F1 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combination might be priced a little expensively, but it is a combination of both a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse. The combination is wonderful on quite a lot of levels. While most gamers would rather prefer to go analog and hook their peripherals up to their PC, these are for the rebellious who believe that the technology of the wireless is superior to that of the analog.

Both the keyboard and the mouse can be connected using the same nano-receiver which operates on Bluetooth. It operates up till a distance of 33 feet which is more than a sufficient distance for most gaming needs. That being said, connecting the peripherals to the PC on the first run is a rather difficult thing to do and often requires the devices to be practically touching the receiver when being set up. It works fine otherwise.

The keyboard and mouse are both shaped quite ergonomically with the keyboard having a generous curve to its frame while the mouse is more of a claw mouse. The keyboard is rather durable in itself and can take a lot of punishment and so can the mouse. There is no backlight on the keyboard. However, backlight is available on the mouse if you choose either the red or blue variant which has a graphically designed texture to it. Also, colour and the backlight to the mouse is the only difference between the models. Moreover, the backlight on the mouse is static and does not change.

The keyboard, as well as the mouse, will go to sleep if left unused for long periods of time to ensure battery saving. While you don’t need to change the batteries that often, there are keyboards available on the market which last quite longer than this.

Perhaps the best feature of the mouse is the fact that it can switch between four DPIs using the scaling buttons given on the sides which raise and lower the DPI between 1000, 1200, 1600, and 2400 Dots Per Inch. While this certainly helps in most situations, the DPI range could possibly go lower for finer operations such as sniping.

On the downside, the keys on the keyboard don’t have a good spring to them and are liable to ghosting primarily because it operates over the Bluetooth. The registry isn’t the fastest on the planet, and some keystrokes might go missing during high-intensity action. However, the keyboard does feature a waterproof design and multimedia macros placed near the top of the keyboard.

It is by no means, the best gaming keyboard, but it is one of the cheapest options if you’re looking for wireless gaming keyboard. And it does the job quite well most of the times despite its shortcomings and lack of extra features.


  • Ergonomic design for comfort for both mouse and keyboard.
  • Durable.
  • The mouse may have backlight depending upon the model selected.
  • Bluetooth operability gives a greater distance for usage.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Multimedia macros for accessibility.
  • The mouse can shift between four DPI settings.


  • The backlight on the mouse is static and rather unimpressive.
  • Keys are liable to ghosting.
  • Keys don’t have the desired spring to them.
  • A few keystrokes might go missing.
  • The DPI settings could have been better.
  • Bluetooth connectivity might have issues during initial set-up.

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5. Lumsburry RGB Gaming Keyboard

Lumsburry RGB Gaming Keyboard
Lumsburry RGB Gaming Keyboard

Also called the Lumsburry Rainbow LED Keyboard, this is one keyboard that is quite good for gaming if you’re conscious of the budget. The keyboard has the standard rainbow colored LED backlight which can be set at full intensity or kept at a breathing pattern. Additionally, like most other keyboards these days, a driver is not necessary for this. All you need is to simply plug the keyboard in and it starts working just like any other keyboard would.

The design is built ergonomically, however, the keyboard isn’t the best when it comes to the comfort of usage for extended duration of time. The keyboard does look quite appealing with the Rainbow colored backlight, but even there, the lighting is quite dim and can’t really be seen unless you’re in a really dark room. As far as the breathing mode is concerned, it is closer to the lights simply switching on and off without much variance in the brightness in between.

The keyboard, however, is waterproof with a water sink built into the keyboard.

The keyboard does not have any multimedia macros. However, as far as the keys are concerned, they have a very splendid bounce to them which gives a great feel when typing and gaming. Furthermore, there are also 19 anti-ghosting keys which can be used simultaneously together without missing a single keystroke. These are designed to suit your gaming needs.

In other functionalities, the keyboard also has a Slip resistant design with anti-slip mats placed underneath it. While this keyboard doesn’t really have much to show for looks and lacks all the extra glittery flourishes, it does what it is intended to in splendid fashion.


  • Rainbow LED Backlight.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Durable.
  • Keys have a good bounce to them.
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys for a better gaming experience.
  • A good response rate on most keystrokes.
  • Stable and functional design.


  • The ergonomics are not designed properly.
  • The LED backlight could use more intensity.
  • There isn’t much of a variance in brightness during breathe mode.
  • No macros.

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6. Rii RM400 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Rii RM400 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
Rii RM400 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The Rii RM400 is one looker of a Gaming Keyboard. It isn’t the best Gaming Keyboard out there, but it sure does look the part quite well. It has a well designed and stylish shape which makes the keyboard stand out quite distinctly.

The keyboard features large letters on its key faces which adds to the distinct design of the keyboard. These keys also help in seeing all the characters in the dark. Furthermore, the keyboard is also designed quite comfortably in addition to the stylish shape of the same.

The LED backlight to this keyboard is a bit mellow but stands quite vibrant to enhance the beauty of the keyboard. To add to that, the backlight has seven color options which make this keyboard a true RBG Gaming Keyboard. The intensity of the colors is completely customizable as well.

The keyboard also comes with a gaming mouse which can be scaled between three DPI settings, 1000, 1200, and 1600 DPI. While this does cover most needs, it might be found a little lacking for finer operations. The mouse is also LED Backlit and the colors between the keyboard and the mouse can be synchronized.

The keyboard is designed ergonomically and the gentle curve in its frame gives it a very comfortable touch and makes it suitable for longer duration of usage, be it typing or gaming. The keyboard is also spill resistant, making sure that it remains safe even if you accidentally drop some liquid onto it.

Another amazing part about both the RGB keyboard and mouse is the fact that they register all keystrokes and clicks at extremely high speed. The keys and buttons are also sensitive and are capable of relaying information extremely quickly and accurately.


  • Stylish design.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Seven different colors for the backlight which can be customized.
  • The mouse comes with three adjustable DPI settings.
  • The keys and buttons are quite sensitive and register strokes accurately and reliably.
  • Spill-proof design.
  • Large, beautiful letters which add visibility to the keyboard.


  • No Macros on the keyboard.
  • The mouse could use more DPI settings.
  • Keys liable to ghosting despite having an accurate registry.

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7. NPET K10 Cheap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

NPET K10 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
NPET K10 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The NPET K 10 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one of the simpler keyboards on this list which offer quite a lot of value for money while being quite reliable at the same time. The keyboard lacks most of the additional features but remains true where necessary for gaming and other such applications.

The frame of the keyboard has a gentle downward slope to it which makes typing more or less comfortable with the keyboard. To add on top of that, the keys themselves are pseudo-mechanical, meaning that they mimic mechanical keyboards while being a hybrid between mechanical and membrane keyboards. The keys have a beautiful spring to them which help quite a lot while typing as your fingers literally bounce effortlessly from one key to the other and increase your typing speed. They are also designed to handle tons of punishment dished out on them. This is achieved by a dual layer of reinforcement to keep the buttons safe.

The characters on the keys never fade and provide some amazing response times. While the keys do float and need to be pressed quite a lot, they still have an amazing response and registry rate attached to them. Moreover, the keyboard has 26 different anti-ghosting keys just to handle registry and conflict errors. However, the floating keys appear to be a little too tall for comfort and ease of use despite how comfortable they are once you begin typing. Accidentally hitting a few keys is a high probability.

The backlights on this keyboard are also quite amazing with four different color combinations to them which can be further modified with changes in intensity and including breathing patterns. To top it off, the keyboard can have any of seven different colors.

The keyboard also falls asleep if not used for a long time where the backlight simply turns off. Any keystroke can be used to reactivate the backlight wherein it beautifully breathes back to life. The backlights on this keyboard are not too bright, but they are vibrant enough to look breathtaking. This keyboard is as good for looks as it is for gaming.


  • A gentle slope makes hand positions more comfortable.
  • Bouncy keys make typing faster and more comfortable.
  • Mechanical feel to the keyboard gives an amazing spring to the keys.
  • Durable keys and keyboard which can take tons of punishment.
  • Various color combinations and customizable options for the backlight.
  • Keys have a reliable response rate.
  • 26 key anti-ghosting features.
  • Spill-proof design.


  • Not the most comfortable to keep hands on for longer.
  • Keys are too tall.
  • Keys have to be pressed down by quite a lot.
  • Keys are extremely noisy.

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8. AULA Befire SI-859 Gaming Keyboard

AULA Befire SI-859 Gaming Keyboard
AULA Befire SI-859 Gaming Keyboard

The AULA Befire SI-859 Gaming Keyboard is something which is quite unique among most other keyboards on this list. The primary reason behind this is the simple, comfortable structure of the keyboard which makes it amazing to use. The keyboard itself is quite heavy and sturdy with firm keys that are easy to press but require a lot of force to get destroyed. The shape of the keyboard also gives it quite a stunning look.

This RGB keyboard is also very responsive with keys registering as and when you want them to. The backlight behind the keys is quite mellow and can be changed between Blue, Red, and Violet. However, more colors aren’t available to the backlight. The overall design is also quite sleek and comfortable to handle.

The keyboard is waterproof, so you can easily submerge this in water and wash it whenever you feel like it, or simply play games underwater if you want to. The palm rests are also strategically placed such that users can access most keys without much effort or discomfort.

Moving on to more functional matters, the direction keys in this keyboard are swappable, giving players the flexibility of choice while playing games and making different scenarios easier for them. In addition to that, the Windows key can be rendered inoperable to avoid any sort of pop-ups and disturbances while gaming.

While most other keyboards on this list have ghosting for up to 26 keys, this specific keyboard has full roll-over and ghosting for all 104 keys. Meaning, that you will get an accurate key press registry every single time that you press any key. No keystroke will be left unrecognized. The keys can also be replaced independently.


  • Beautiful backlight with three colors: Red, Blue, and Violet.
  • Stunning shape.
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Direction keys are swappable.
  • Windows key can be rendered inoperable.
  • Anti-ghosting for all 104 keys.
  • Removable keys for added.


  • The backlight is a little dim.
  • The backlight cannot use more colors.
  • No macros.
  • Pressing the keys is comfortable, but the keys don’t have the best bounce.
  • Keys might be a little tall for the sleek size of the keyboard itself.

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9. BAKTH Gaming Keyboard and Mouse under $30

BAKTH Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combo
BAKTH Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combo

One of the more notable cheap gaming keyboard and mouse combos include the BAKTH keyboard and mouse. The keyboard and mouse combination is quite simplistic in looks and features, but they have the required functionality where it counts.

The keyboard and the mouse, both have a beautiful backlit rainbow pattern to them which is bright and vibrant without hurting the eyes an awful lot. While the pattern cannot really be changed into anything else, it looks quite beautiful as it is. In fact, the rainbow backlight can only be turned on and off.

The keys on the keyboard are made of membranes with removable keycaps for customization. This keyboard is meant to mimic the feel of a real mechanical keyboard without actually being one. Consequently, it has all the resembling sounds and spring to the keys without actually being a true mechanical keyboard. The sound, however, is a little louder than the sounds produced by an actual mechanical keyboard and might be annoyingly noisy for some people.

The labels on the keys are laser carved to avoid fading, making them quite durable. The keys themselves are shorter in length despite being floating keys which makes the plane rather flat and enables more comfort while typing. In addition to that, they are also equipped to handle a lot of rough use. The keys are also quite difficult to slip off, making them suitable for gaming.

The design of the keyboard incorporates a very slight forward slant, making it easier on the wrists to stay on the keyboard for a longer duration. While it isn’t the most comfortable of designs, it is still much better than a conventional flat keyboard.

The mouse features a gorgeous fracture pattern all over it with the same rainbow backlight which doesn’t seem out of place. It also has the capability to switch between four levels of sensitivity including 800, 1200, 1800, and 2400 DPI. This proves to be more than sufficient most operations including finer ones.

Finally, both the mouse and the keyboard are splash-proof and come with a 12-month warranty.


  • Beautiful backlight pattern.
  • Mechanical mimicking keyboard with a great bounce on the keys.
  • Laser carved keys to avoid fading.
  • Removable keys.
  • Spill-proof design.
  • The mouse has four different sensitivity settings apt for most purposes.
  • Durable.


  • The backlight doesn’t have more colors and modes.
  • The keys are quite noisy.
  • The shape of the keyboard can cause pain in the fingers after extensive typing.
  • The shape isn’t suited to use over longer periods of time.
  • No macros.

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10. Havit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Havit Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Havit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Havit Keyboard and Mouse Combo prove to be one of the more functional combinations in this list with tons of features and functions which make gameplay go as smoothly as possible, without being a burden on your finances.

The keyboard is ergonomically designed for both comfort and performance. The shape of the keyboard and the mouse are quite aggressively shaped to convey the competitive nature of most gamers and help you get in the zone before you get in a game. The shape of the keyboard adds to the overall style of the set.

The backlight on the keyboard is a static rainbow color while the backlight on the mouse cycles through all the seven colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately, the mouse cannot be set to any one specific color. The backlight can be turned off, but neither can the color be set to any specific one, nor can it be dimmed or brightened.

The keyboard has some firm keys with amazing keystroke registry with 19 anti-ghosting keys which will always get registered as long as the keyboard is plugged in no matter what. The rest of the keys are quite sturdy and often register perfectly fine even if used simultaneously. Furthermore, the WASD keys can be interchanged with the arrow keys for individual playstyles. Furthermore, the Windows key can also be disabled to avoid pop-ups and interruptions while gaming.

The mouse is quite versatile and can be switched between four different levels of sensitivity, 800, 1200, 2400, and 3200 DPI. While the intervals seem rather large, they are suitable for most needs, be it quickly snapping between targets, or performing finer operations such as getting that headshot with your sniper. The mouse also features a beautiful shattered design on top of it. To further add to that, the mouse flashes a different color every time the sensitivity is changed by flashing red at 800, green at 1200, blue at 2400, and purple at 3200 DPI.

The multimedia macros are present to the left of the keyboard and can be confused for keys and pressed accidentally. The internet macros are present on the top and are easier to segregate.

Overall, this is a fine cheap keyboard and mouse combo which can be used quite effectively while gaming. The combo is also available in White apart from Black.


  • Durable and Stylish.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • The keys are firm sensitive and often register most keystrokes.
  • The backlight is rainbow colored.
  • Functional multimedia macros.
  • The direction keys are interchangeable.
  • The Windows key can be disabled.
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys.
  • The mouse can cycle between four sensitivity settings.
  • Mouse flashes whenever sensitivity is switched.


  • The backlight can use many more patterns and colors.
  • The mouse can use a fixed solid color backlight.
  • Multimedia macros can be mistaken for keys.
  • The letters are not backlit.
  • The LED backlight can prove to be too bright at times.

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Things to consider when Buying a Gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards depend on various factors which make them better than other regular keyboards. They can be functional, aesthetic, or simply comfortable which makes playing more comfortable for you. The following are what make Gaming Keyboards stand apart from the rest of the flock. Ensure that your choice has most of the following factors which help you determine whether or not it is right for gaming.


Anything designed to accommodate and enhance human efficiency while utilizing something is known as ergonomic in nature. This includes the comfort which you find while placing your hands on the keyboard all the way down to how well you can press the keys on the keyboard and beyond to include how well you can type with the keyboard.

Since everybody is designed differently, it goes without saying that what might be efficient for one isn’t necessarily so for another. Hence, it is imperative that you try out the keyboard which you like for yourself and see just how comfortable it is for you. The most important factor here is the size of the keyboard.


A good gaming keyboard usually undergoes hours upon hours of torture just for the pleasure of the gamer. While doing this, normal keyboards usually leave sore hands, wrists, and fingers after longer times of active usage. What you’re looking for in a good gaming keyboard is the comfort wherein you can play games or type away for hours on end without feeling any discomfort or pain in your hands and wrist. A good palm rest and a well inclined or shaped keyboard frame can make a world of difference.


Keyboards are of primarily two types, Membrane and Mechanical. Membrane keyboards use layers of a membrane which have to be squeezed down in order to complete a circuit which registers as a keystroke. Mechanical keyboards have actual springs underneath them which enable you to use less force while pressing the keys. In addition, membrane keyboards often have problems registering multiple keys.

They easily bypass this problem and give an amazing response rate for all keys pressed. Gamers usually prefer them since they are easier to mash and can handle a lot of pressure over a long period of time in addition to providing a nice springy bounce when the key is released. Since mechanical keyboards produce a lot of noise, some gamers do prefer membrane keyboards instead.


Good gaming keyboards have multimedia and internet macros so that they don’t have to bother with switching applications to change tracks when gaming and don’t lose a moment of gameplay in the process. While this isn’t compulsory, this is one of the extra features which is usually desired.


Another important part of gaming keyboards is the way they look. While it isn’t something that’s necessary, most gamers appreciate the way their rig looks and it gives them the extra bit of confidence to face challenges while gaming. It can be the backlight which adds beauty to the keyboard while making it more visible in dimmer lighting, or it can be something as simple as the shape of the keyboard itself or even the colors used on it. Most gamers also prefer to replace the keys on their keyboard to make the device even more customized.


The most important part of any gaming keyboard is how well it can recognize keystrokes. A good gaming keyboard will easily recognize all keystrokes placed on it without any ghosting, or missing registry. Gamers usually prefer mechanical keyboards for these purposes, but even membrane keyboards with anti-ghosting keys provide practically the same features. The point is to make sure that the keyboard takes all inputs no matter how many keys are being simultaneously pressed.


The most overlooked factor when purchasing a gaming keyboard comes in the form of the Warranty involved. It’s good if the keyboard doesn’t ill-function, but it’s even better to have it replaced or repaired without any further costs if it does. Another major factor here is the availability of service in your local area. Go for a keyboard which is covered under warranty and can be easily repaired or replaced.


Why are Gaming Keyboards better?

Normal keyboards are simply not designed to be comfortable for a longer duration of use. Normal keyboards are also not designed with rough use in mind and often lead to dysfunctional keys and unrecognized keystrokes more often than not. Normal keyboards also break or start squeaking quite easily while gaming, especially if the player prefers to mash as many buttons as he can while in a game.

Gaming keyboards are meant to tolerate all that stress while successfully registering every single keystroke without breaking. They are also designed to be comfortable and make sure that users don’t sprain their own hands and wrists while typing or playing for extended periods of time.

What makes a keyboard ergonomic?

Most ergonomic keyboards have a comparatively greater degree of curvature to their structure, typically in the shape of a ‘V’ which enables human hands to assume their natural positions while typing or playing games or simply resting them on the keys. This can also be achieved by providing palm supports as well as raisable surfaces. The goal of an ergonomic keyboard is to be comfortable enough to avoid sprains or other injuries in the wrist and other parts which are delicate in nature so that people can type more comfortably and efficiently.

What is an RGB Keyboard?

An RGB Keyboard is any keyboard which has a decorative backlight underneath the keys to highlight them. This not only acts as an enhancer of aesthetics but it also makes it easier to see the keys in the dark, provided the keys have been properly etched.

The term RGB keyboard has been derived from the fact that the backlights are usually powered by LEDs which can usually emit one or a combination of three colors, Red, Green, and Blue.

The rainbow pattern backlight is the most commonly available backlight pattern along with the breathing rainbow wherein the light gently keeps cycling between maximum intensity and zero intensity. Other such animations and “live” backlights usually require complex programming and keyboard designs and are rather expensive to acquire.

Is Membrane Keyboard good for gaming?

Technically, Membrane keyboards usually require more force in order to register a keystroke as the key must be pressed all the way down. Furthermore, they also don’t have such powerful springs underneath them which make buttons spring back up after being pressed. Both of these factors combined demand more effort and time from players to perform the same actions which can be performed more efficiently on a Mechanical keyboard.

Additionally, the membranes inside membrane keyboards get worn out over time and more so with a high amount of force applied to them. This is not the case for mechanical keyboards, making them better for gaming where players are usually found instinctively mashing the life out of buttons. However, in the end, it comes down to a matter of personal choice as there are still quite a few professional gamers who choose membrane keyboards over mechanical ones as the latter feels off to them.

Is a Mechanical Keyboard better for gaming?

A Mechanical Keyboard has keys which don’t need to be pressed all the way down in order to function or register keystrokes. They also have a springy feel to them. Both of these factors combined help you travel from one key to the other easily while helping you register all keystrokes despite not pressing the keys down all the way.

In contrast, membrane keyboards need to have their keys pressed down all the way, which makes the process of typing or even mashing buttons much slower over time. Hence, mechanical keyboards are better for gaming not only because they feel better, but they also provide for faster and more furious button mashing. However, some players just don’t feel comfortable with mechanical keyboards making it entirely a matter of choice and comfort. If you have a soft space for them, consider checking our list of the best silent mechanical keyboards.

Are Gaming Keyboards good for typing?

Yes, Gaming Keyboards are excellent for typing. Not only can Gaming Keyboards handle a wide variety of keystrokes but they can also handle a lot of rapid stress and enable typists to type faster and more accurately. This enables people to type better on a gaming keyboard, be it membrane or mechanical as compared to a normal keyboard. Gaming keyboards are also quite ergonomically shaped, making them comfortable to use when typing and giving the typists extra comfort to type even faster. Some typists also prefer the loud clicking that comes with the sharp response of a blue cap mechanical keyboard. The responsiveness of a gaming keyboard usually makes for a better typing tool than a normal keyboard.

Are Mechanical Keyboards loud?

Mechanical keyboards do produce a sound whenever the spring underneath the key is pressed as a mark of response as well as a physical response to the pressure put on the key. That being said different mechanical keys have different levels of responses and there are keys out there which make a lot of noise while there are those which are absolutely silent. Blue caps are notorious for making the most noise.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, black caps usually make less noise and are limited to primarily soft clicking noises as can be usually found in membrane keyboards as well. Heading over to more premium options, the Corsair Strafe Silent is extremely silent and usually produces very negligible noises while being used.

The most silent keys of them all come from the Cherry MX Silent which makes virtually no noise at all while being pressed unless you decide to punch a hole through the keyboard with your fingers.