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36 Best speed square in 2022: According to Experts.

You could get any random speed square, but if you’re looking for expert advice on choosing the best one for your needs then you’ve arrived at the right place.

It doesn’t matter what your speed square needs are or what your budget is, because I’ve done an in-depth analysis to include the best-rated options suitable for diversified usage needs and different budget ranges.

To make this list, I’ve spent 80 hours researching speed square from the best brands such as: Bowflex, Starrett, Woodpeckers.

Note: Make sure that option you’re choosing has all the features you need. Afterall, is there any point in purchasing something that’s not usable?

36 Best speed square in 2022: After 80 Hours of Research

To make this list an unbiased resource for choosing the best speed square, I contacted 28 experts and discussed various aspects to consider. After a huge discussion, I went across customer reviews, researched the reputed brands, and a lot of other things. Because my aim is to recommend products that are highly value for your money.

1. SWANSON Tool Co., Inc SW1201K Value Pack 7 inch Speed Square and Big 12 Speed Square (without layout bar) ships with Blue Book -Tools & Home Improvement

By Swanson Tool Co., Inc

  • CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE SCALE: High-visibility, black gradations with a non-glare, matte finish for easy reading in any lighting conditions
  • FEATURES: Get more bang for your buck with this value pack of two of our best selling speed squares
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Heavy-gauge billet aluminum alloy construction is die-cast for increased accuracy versus laser-etched and extruded stamped rafter squares.
  • Useful for determining and marking angles and making square cuts on boards.
  • EASY TO USE: When used as a saw guide, the speed square makes truing up a board easy
  • MULTIPLE GRADATIONS: Gradations included for marking common, hip, Valley, and jack rafters

2. WORKPRO Rafter Square and Combination Square Tool Set, 7 IN. Aluminum Alloy Die-casting Carpenter Square and 12 Inch Zinc-alloy Die-casting Square Ruler Combo (Rafter Square Layout Tool) -Tools & Home Improvement


  • The combination ruler itself is die-cast from zinc alloy and carries a steel ruler made of stainless steel with a matte finish.
  • Durable Material – The rafter Square is die-cast from heavy-gauge aluminum alloy which enable it to last long and still give accurate measurement
  • The rafter square can be used as a guide for cross-cutting lumber
  • The stainless steel ruler of combination square has deep etching scale for superior legibility and long-lasting usage
  • Multiple Graduation – 7-inch rafter square has many kinds of graduation which blends the features of framing square, try square, miter square, and protractor square
  • The combination square has a 12-inch stainless steel ruler which has 3 types of minimum scale value: 1/16”, 1/32” and 1mm.
  • It has permanent deep markings and white graduations for max Readability any lighting
  • Clearly Identifiable Scale – The rafter square finishing features low glare and protective powder coated
  • The spring screw of the combination square makes you easier to detach the stainless steel ruler and smooth ruler is easier to slide for your measurement.
  • User-Friendly – Lipped fence allows you to easily brace the rafter square flush with the wood, creating a straight or angled line that is proportionate to the wood’s edge
  • They both work accurately at an angle 90 degree or 45 degrees.
  • Wide Versatility – Easy-to-read level vial and a metal scriber on the side of the combination ruler increase product practicality and versatility

3. IRWIN Tools Rafter Square, Hi-Contrast Aluminum, Blue , 7-Inch (1794463) -Tools & Home Improvement

By Irwin Tools

  • Features rafter tables, brace and octagon scales and Essex board measure
  • The square has multiple scales: 1/8-, 1/10-, 1/12-, and 1/16-inch
  • This professional tool has permanent deep stampings are durable
  • The aluminum body is rust-proof and weather-resistant
  • Yellow markings on blue background are easiest to read

4. Swanson Tool Co T0118 Composite Speedlite Square Layout Tool, Orange, made of High Impact Polystyrene -Tools & Home Improvement

By Swanson Tool Co., Inc

  • 1/8-Inch spaced notches to use for scribing lines
  • Constructed of lightweight high-impact structural composite material
  • 8-Inch size is great for siding
  • Beveled edge for ease of reading
  • Center line (C/L) guide for locating center of round stock

5. Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 Johnny Square Professional Easy-Read Aluminum Rafter Square, 7″, Black, 1 Square -Tools & Home Improvement

By Johnson Level & Tool

  • The etched protractor scale can be used directly with the saw against the square for cross or angled cuts
  • SIMPLIFY STAIR LAYOUT: The Johnny Square’s integrated distance and angle scales let you quickly and accurately mark your cut lines on your stringers and, of course, this rafter square has scales for cutting hip, valley and jack rafters
  • ACCURACY AND DURABILITY: This aluminum rafter angle square boasts a solid aluminum body with CNC machined edges for greater accuracy and durability for any job or worksite
  • BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS: Thick edge is useful as a saw guide
  • Scribing notches can be used indirectly to create a saw cut line for rip cuts
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Permanent graduations with easy-to-read numbers, continuous scribing notches – ideal for ripping at 3-1/2” and 5-1/2”, 2×4 board dimension markers for measuring 1-1/2”, 3” and 3-1/2”, low-glare protective powder coated finish

6. 6 Inch Folding Triangle Ruler Carpenter Square Layout Tool Precision Goniometer Multi-angle Measurement Aluminium Alloy Multifunctional Woodworking Tools -Tools & Home Improvement


  • Embedded powerful magnet to fix the extend arm, easy to open, no falling off, no shaking, durable and stable
  • Foldable triangle ruler, increase the measuring distance after opening, save storage space after folding, convenient to carry;6 inch fold out extension arm eliminates the need for a 7 inch and 12 inch square
  • Use adjustable positioning tool, freely select the angle, after adjusting to the desired angle, tighten the nut for positioning, press the middle lever to achieve precise positioning; multiple measurement functions, suitable for different scenarios
  • Hidden stainless steel needle scriber,with thread on the tail, it is not easy to fall off after being tightened and fixed on the ruler body,convenient to carry
  • This carpenter square is made of aluminum alloy,sturdy structure,corrosion resistant finish, lightweight and durable

7. Swanson Tool Co., Inc Swanson T0108 Big 12 Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book, Plain gradations, 12-Inch -Tools & Home Improvement

By Swanson Tool Co., Inc

  • Great for deck framing and stairway building!
  • and 1/2 in
  • spaced notches to facilitate scribing lines
  • Includes 60-page Swanson blue book of instructions
  • 1/4 in
  • Heavy gauge aluminum with matte finish to prevent glare
  • Plain gradations

8. Mr. Pen- Rafter Square, Metal Square, 7 Inch, Carpenters Square, Square Tool, Metal Square Ruler, Carpentry Squares, Woodworking Square, Square Angle Tool, Aluminum Rafter Square, Carpenter Square -Tools & Home Improvement

By Mr. Pen

  • Multi-Purpose Square Tool: Marking Square And 45-Degree Lines, Protractor Saw Guide, Finding Roof Pitch, Etc.
  • Heavy-Gauge Billet Aluminum Alloy Construction Is Die-Cast For Increased Accuracy Over Laser-Etched And Extruded Stamped Rafter Squares
  • Gradations Included For Marking Common, Hip, Valley, And Jack Rafters; Useful For Determining And Marking Angles And Making Square Cuts On Boards
  • 7 Inch Triangle Square Fits In A Pocket
  • High-Visibility, white Gradations With A Non-Glare, Matte Finish For Easy Reading In Any Lighting Conditions

9. Mr. Pen Metal 7 Inches Rafter Square, Carpenter Square, 2 Pack -Tools & Home Improvement

By Mr. Pen

  • Set Of 2 Rafter Square (7 Inch)
  • Multi-Purpose Square Tool: Marking Square And 45-Degree Lines, Protractor Saw Guide, Finding Roof Pitch, Etc.
  • Precise And Plain Graduation, Perfect For Roofers, Builders, And Carpenters
  • Made From Rust-Proof And Weather-Resistant Aluminum Alloy

10. Swanson Tool Co S0101SDP217 7 inch Speed Square and Speed Draw Carpenter Pencil Holder Value Pack -Tools & Home Improvement

By Swanson Tool Co., Inc

  • The Speed Square also features very handy 1/4-in spaced scribing notches and our patented Diamond cutout for easy rafter seat cuts and scribing the most common and popular stud widths Rely on our included gradations for marking common hip valley and jack rafters it’s useful for determining and marking angles and making square cuts on boards
  • The Speed Square made in the USA since 1925 is essential for every carpenter construction professional roofer and DIYer since you can use it in multiple ways for myriad projects it’s a Try Square Miter Square saw guide line scriber and protractor
  • This kit is designed to be the perfect addition to every toolbox since it includes the Speed Square a Blue Book one carpenter pencil and our handy new Speed Draw (pencil caddy)
  • This kit includes the pocket-sized Swanson Blue Book a comprehensive guide to help workers make correct angle cuts for any pitched roof
  • The Speed Draw cuff installs easily and keeps your carpenter pencil handy and accessible – it’s a comfortable grip as an added benefit!

11. Sirius&Co 7″ Imperial Units Speed Square Layout Tool with 6″ Combination Square Pack -Tools & Home Improvement

By Sirius&Co

  • Precise Scale ?The scale error of our measuring tool is ±0.02mm.
  • Easy to use?A variety of functions in one, suitable for carpentry, construction labor, home decoration workers.
  • Instructions for use?There are instructions on the back of the package.
  • Valuable Pack?You will get a 7″ Imperial Units Speed Square and a 6″ Combination Square.
  • High-quality materials : Advanced touch,the 7″ Speed Square is made of anodized aluminum, and the 6″ Combination Square is made of stainless steel.

12. Mecurate Rafter Square, 12 inch Triangle Carpenter Square Die-cast Aluminum Alloy for Woodworking and Carpentry (12 inch) -Tools & Home Improvement

By Mecurate

  • The angle conversion table offers convenience of using the right number to work with
  • The horizontal base is convenient for marking, smooth and practical.
  • Permanent scale: With permanent laser engraved scales, Mecurate rafter square gives you the over standard accuracy you need
  • High quality: Mecurate rafter square made of precise and durable CNC-machined aluminum alloy, which is light and convenient
  • The edges and corners of each triangle are polished by special craftsmanship, so that it is smooth and does not hurt your hands.
  • Convenient and comfortable design: Mecurate rafter square is convenient to hang and store when not in use with humanized design
  • Warranty: Mecurate products are providing 12 months warranty and life time support, be free to have new item for replacement.
  • Multi-function: Suitable for the measurement, Mecurate rafter square can be used as a protractor, woodworking compass, triangle square and frame square
  • Good oxidation resistance, not easy to break, each triangle ruler is thickened, corrosion-resistant and high hardness.
  • Frosted smooth surface, wear resistance, clear scale on the ruler surface, long service life.

13. Woodpeckers Carpenters Precision Square, 6 Inch, Speed Combination 90 and 45 Degree, Red Anodized Aluminum, Woodworking Tools Made in the USA For Carpentry Furniture Building -Tools & Home Improvement

By Woodpeckers

  • COMBINATION SQUARE – A perfectly machined combination 90 and 45 with handles for a physical reference to the edge of the work piece.
  • PRECISION SQUARE – The handles are milled from solid bar stock and fastened to the body with high strength socket screws
  • PRECISION WOODWORKING TOOLS – Anodized for durability and appearance, the Carpenters Square is also engraved with inch scale markings on the vertical leg
  • MADE IN THE USA – The blade is machined from cast and ground aluminum tool plate
  • BUILT FOR ACCURACY – This expensive material is utilized for its mechanical stability and tendency to maintain close tolerances after machining

14. Dewalt DWHT03132 7in. and 12in. Premium Rafter Square Combo Pack, Black -Tools & Home Improvement


  • Large base helps provide better grip on materials
  • DWHT46031 7in
  • premium rafter square combo pack
  • It also features a large base to provide grip on materials
  • Ideal for use as a saw guide, the rafter square has an extra-thick aluminum body for heavy-duty use as well as stamped in contrasting color graduations for better readability
  • As well as stamped in contrasting color graduations for better readability
  • and DWHT46032 12in

15. DEWALT Premium Rafter Square, 12″ -Carpentry Squares


  • Scribe line notches for marking rip cuts
  • Stamped-in contrasting color graduations for better readability
  • Large base helps provide better grip on materials
  • Extra-thick extruded aluminum body holds up to heavy-duty use, ideal for use as saw guide

16. Johnson Level & Tool RAS-1B Johnny Square Professional Aluminum Rafter Square, 7″, Silver, 1 Square -Tools & Home Improvement

By Johnson Level & Tool

  • SIMPLIFY STAIR LAYOUT: The Johnny Square’s integrated distance and angle scales let you quickly and accurately mark your cut lines on your stringers and, of course, this rafter square has scales for cutting hip, valley and jack rafters
  • ACCURACY AND DURABILITY: This aluminum rafter angle square boasts a solid aluminum body with CNC machined edges for greater accuracy and durability for any job or worksite
  • ONE NUMBER LAYOUT: For roofs, solar panel supports, stairs, cabinets trim work and many other layout projects
  • It can be used indirectly as well, using the scribing notches to create a saw cut line for rip cuts
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Permanent graduations with easy-to-read numbers, continuous scribing notches – ideal for ripping at 3-1/2” and 5-1/2”, 2×4 board dimension markers for measuring 1-1/2”, 3” and 3-1/2”, low-glare protective powder coated finish
  • BUILDERS AND CONTRACTERS: The thick edge is useful as a saw guide
  • It can be used directly with the saw against the square for cross cuts or angled cuts using the etched protractor scale
  • The rafter scales are laid out mathematically to avoid time consuming calculations

17. LApher 7″ Imperial Units Speed Square,Anodic Aluminum Oxide(AAO) Triangle Square Angle Ruler Carpenter Protractor, Measuring Layout Tool with A Woodworking Pencil -Tools & Home Improvement

By LApher

  • YOU WILL GET:Triangle Ruler*1,Pencil*1 and refills*2.They will be presented as exquisite gifts to your family and friends.
  • STURDY MATERIAL:It is made of strong cast Anodic Aluminum Oxide(AAO),more beautiful and better touch.
  • FEATURES: It can be used as an accurate saw guide, protractor and tri-square, features a protractor scale 0-90°
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This tool is suitable for different scenarios such as professional woodworkers, construction engineers, home improvement workers, DIY, etc.
  • IMPERIAL SCALE :Clear and accurate, this is a professional measuring tool for a professional engineer.

18. Swanson Tool Co T0701 12-Inch Composite Speedlite Square Layout Tool, Orange, made of High Impact Polystyrene -Tools & Home Improvement

By Swanson Tool Co., Inc

  • Great for siding, won’t mar finish
  • Includes 1/4″ spaced notches to use for scribing lines (tag carded)
  • Includes 1/4″ spaced notches to use for scribing lines (tag carded)
  • Great for siding, won’t mar finish
  • Constructed of lightweight high-impact structural foam plactic
  • Packaged individuallyor in display merchandiser (tag carded)
  • Packaged individuallyor in display merchandiser (tag carded)

19. C.H. Hanson Pivot Square – Resin -Tools & Home Improvement

By C.H. Hanson

  • Pivots to easily measure or mark any angle
  • Quickly finds roof pitch and locks in angles
  • Made of Resin
  • Precision measurement tool; pivots to easily measure or mark any angle
  • Determines roof pitches, indicated grade

20. CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square -Tools & Home Improvement

By C.H. Hanson

  • Easily pivots, permitting an easy measure and mark of any angle
  • Includes 3 vials to determine roof pitches, indicate grade, and allow for leveling and plumbing
  • Makes finding a roof pitch quick and easy with precision measurement tool
  • Makes repetitive layout fast and easy.
  • Made from the finest machined aluminum alloy, improving quality and durability

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21. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700 – Coverage Up to 1000 Sq Ft and 15 Devices with AC750 Dual Band Wireless Signal Booster & Repeater (Up to 750Mbps Speed), and Compact Wall Plug Design -Carpentry Squares


  • Use the NETGEAR WiFi Analyzer app for optimal location.
  • EXTENDED WIRELESS COVERAGE: Adds Wi-Fi range coverage up to 1000 sq ft, and connects up to 15 devices such as laptops, smartphones, speakers, IP cameras, tablets, IoT devices, and more.
  • SIMPLE TO SETUP: Press the WPS button to connect to your router
  • AC750 WI-FI SPEED: Provides up to 750Mbps performance using dual-band and patented FastLane(TM) technology.
  • SAFE & SECURE: Supports WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Works with any wireless router, gateway, or cable modem with Wi-Fi.
  • WIRED ETHERNET PORT: Simply plug in game consoles, streaming players, or other nearby wired devices using the one 10/100M port for maximum speed.

22. Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness-3rd Edition -Books

By Human Kinetics

  • Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness is the workout guide you need in order to perform a step ahead of the competition
  • What elevates this book to become the ultimate training resource is the exclusive access to the online video library of drills, ideal for both athletes and coaches
  • Manufactured in United States

23. SNOWFAN 120mm USB Fan, 120mm Fan,Silent Fan with Variable Speed Controller for Receiver DVR Playstation Xbox Computer Cabinet Cooling (Single Fan-Black) -Carpentry Squares

By Snowfan

  • Strong windSNOWFAN 120mm USB fan speed: 1500rpm ± 10% with multi-speed controller, ensures maximum ventilation and low noise.
  • PortabilityUSB plug can power the fan through USB ports found behind popular AV electronics ,PlayStation and game consoles.
  • Excellent adaptabilityFeatures a multi-speed controller to set the fan’s speed to optimal noise and airflow levels.

  • Airflow: 55.21 CFM | Noise: 29.8 dBA | Bearings: Dual Ball 50,000 hours lifespan.
  • Multiple protection Metal grille on both sides, protect your hands and cables when the USB fan is working; Cable protection adhesive in the corner, wear-resistant and not easy to break
  • Anti vibration padsCome with 8 Silicone Rubber| Dimensions 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.4 in

25. Wacky Square – Turn the Block and Catch the Dots -Apps & Games

By r-nodes UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

  • It’s FREE, no hidden in-app purchases
  • Challenging progressive gameplay
  • Online leaderboard, no registration needed
  • Simple one tap control

26. Garmin Forerunner 45S, 39mm Easy-to-use GPS Running Watch with Coach Free Training Plan Support, White -Carpentry Squares

By Garmin

  • Smaller-sized easy-to-use running watch estimates heart rate at the wrist and Features GPS to Track your pace, distance, intervals and more
  • Safety and tracking Features include incident detection (during select activities) which sends your real-time location to emergency contacts through your paired compatible smartphone.Sports apps for running, cycling, indoor track, treadmill, elliptical, cardio, yoga and more.Battery life: up to 7 days in smartwatch mode; 14 hours in GPS mode.Included Components: Forerunner 45S; Charging Cable; Documentation
  • Gps running Watch with Garmin Coach training plan support
  • Connected features include smart notifications for incoming texts and calls, automatic uploads to our Garmin connect online community, live tracking and controls for the music playing on your paired compatible smartphone
  • Works with free Garmin Coach Adaptive training plans that bring expert, personalized coaching right to your wrist

27. RioRand 380W 5-50V PWM DC Brushless Electric Motor Speed Controller with Hall-Less -Garden Design

By RioRand

  • DC three-phase high-speed brushless sensorless controller recognizes PWM signal input, amplitude 3-5V supports PLC0-5V analog quantity, input control
  • Motor Speed Controller Brushless Controller with Hall-less.Full SMD process,stable performance,humanized design, interface all adopts terminal blocks.
  • Standard heat sink,onboard speed regulating potentiometer,you can use it when you have power on.
  • “Size-Length 63MM * width 45MM * height 31MM,Over-temperature protection:yes (half the over-temperature power) Maximum speed:224000 RPM (2 pole motor),74000 RPM (6 pole motor),40000 RPM (12 pole motor), 35000 RPM (14 pole motor).”
  • “Voltage 5-50V high power 380W DC three-phase high-speed brushless sensorless controller

28. Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness: Special Book/DVD Package -Books

By Human Kinetics

  • A bonus DVD will demonstrate 66 of the more complex drills featured in the book and provide tests to track your athletic progress.
  • 257 pgs
  • DVD is 43 minutes.
  • Train to play faster and with more powerful with this training resource.
  • Rev up your game with over 195 training drills!

29. Instant Air Purifier, Helps remove 99.9% of viruses (COVID-19), bacteria, allergens, smoke; advanced 3-in-1 HEPA-13 filtration with plasma ion technology, Small Room (AP100), Pearl -Garden Design

By Instant

  • WHISPER-QUIET NIGHT MODE: Light sensor automatically turns off displays and lowers noise to whisper-quiet levels when it is time for bed (5 see below)
  • ADVANCED AIR CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: 3-in-1 filtration (HEPA-13, Activated Carbon, Antimicrobial coating) plus plasma ion technology work together so you can breathe easier.
  • CLEANER AIR IN MINUTES: Independently verified by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) to filter the air in an area of 126 sqft 5x per hour (4 see below) or up to 615 sqft 1x per hour.
  • (3 see below)
  • REMOVES ALLERGENS AND SMOKE: Advanced 3-in-1filtration captures99.97% of smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, odors and other ultrafine impurities.
  • 24/7 AIR QUALITY MONITORING: Our intelligent sensor monitors air quality 24/7 and adjusts fan speed in Auto Mode to make the air in your home cleaner
  • PREVENTS BACTERIAL GROWTH: Our 3-in-1 filtration contains an added antimicrobial coating protecting the filter.
  • A BRAND YOU TRUST: From the makers of Instant Pot, the brand that revolutionized the way you cook, is now transforming the way you live.
  • (1,2 see below)
  • EXTENDED FILTER LIFE: 3-in-1 filter lasts at least 8 months when in ecomode 24/7; usage-based indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace.
  • WORKS TO REMOVE VIRUSES (COVID-19): Our air purifiers have been proven to remove 99.9% of COVID-19 from treated air, also removing 99.9% of other viruses, bacteria and mold
  • REDUCES ODORS: Activated carbon filter layer helps reduce unpleasant smells.

30. Woodraphic Signature Precision Square in Tool 4-inch Guaranteed T Speed Measurements Ruler for Measuring and Marking Woodworking Carpenters – Aluminum Steel Framing Professional Carpentry Use -Tools & Home Improvement

By Woodraphic

  • WOODRAPHIC’s professional square ruler is perfect for marking cut off work on wide stock and verifying 90 degrees of the products as well!
  • The lightweight body is ergonomically designed to ease the pressure on the elbows or wrists while measuring and marking
  • Accurate positioning is possible by marking the holes arranged in two rows
  • If you are a professional who uses square rulers all day, you can tell the difference right away
  • So not only are you able to mark the exact length, but also check the perfect right angle!
  • ️ CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZED RULER FOR YOUR PROJECT – The conventional square ruler’s signature feature is to establish perfect 90-degree angles
  • ️ THE 3-CARPENTER MUSKETEERS – WOODRAPHIC’s construction accessory comes with a square, 0.5mm sharp pencil, and an Allen wrench
  • ️ EASY-TO-READ THERMAL – Each aluminum blade is precisely milled with state-of-the-art MCT equipment followed by sanding procedure and anodizing finishing touches
  • WOODRAPHIC’s square ruler comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 8”, 12”, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm
  • Each blade has a layout of 2-holes on the handle surface, promising enhanced precision
  • ️ STABLE YET LIGHTWEIGHT – 90-degree blade is made with the anodized aluminum material with 2mm thickness
  • WOODRAPHIC’s professional square ruler is constructed for maximum durability
  • This stable cast aluminum tool plate is sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight
  • However, with WOODRAPHIC’s equipment, you can also measure diameter from the inside or the outside
  • WOODRAPHIC’s ruler was certified level 1 in Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
  • ️ MARK WITH PRECISION AND GET THE ‘RIGHT’ RIGHT ANGLE – WOODRAPHIC’s Ruler gives you the ultimate marking precision, allowing the user to precisely mark up to the finest millimeter, which is about 0.039 inches
  • Blades are engraved with laser marks on the scale with white markings on black smooth backgrounds for increased readability!
  • Also, this aluminum 90 square tools earned its square accuracy from Internationally accredited organizations
  • You can conveniently mark lengths, diameters, and dimensions by inserting the 0.5mm sharp pencil lead through the marking hole

31. Square Dodge Free -Apps & Games

By Rene Müller

  • minimalist style
  • easy to learn and play (hard to master)
  • color switches with progress
  • simple and addictive gameplay
  • endless arcade game

32. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (pair) -Sports & Outdoors

By Bowflex

  • Includes 1-Year JRNY Membership ($149 value; auto renews when trial ends unless cancelled 48 hours prior to trial end date)
  • Say goodbye to 15 sets of dumbbells cluttering your workout space and rapidly switch from one exercise to the next with a turn of a dial
  • With a wider weight range you can do heavy exercises such as shrugs and lunges, as well as lighter exercises such as curls and raises.
  • Durable molding around the metal plates provides for a smooth lift-off and quieter workouts
  • Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds; adjusts in 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds

33. Starrett 9-12-4R Combination Set -TV

By Starrett

  • Hardened steel, machine divided blade
  • 4R Grad: 8ths, 16ths, Quick Reading 32nds, 64ths
  • Cast iron heads with black wrinkle finish
  • Reversible lock bolts
  • Cast iron head
  • Graduation: No
  • 4R – 1/8″, 1/16″, quick reading 1/32″, 1/64″

34. iGaging Bench Square Set 4″ and 7″ Stainless Steel w/ 16th and 32nd scale Stainless Steel -Tools & Home Improvement

By iGaging

  • Triangle Square: CNC Stainless Steel Contruction – Precision Laser Engraving
  • Base: CNC Solid Aluminum Construction – Blue Anodized Finish – Precision Laser Engraving
  • Triangle Square – Joinery Layout – Machine Setup – Measure and Marking – Center Finder
  • Includes 2 Squares: 4″ / 90° and 7″ / 90°

35. Woodpeckers Stainless Steel Delve Squares, 6 Inch Square With Rack It Mounting Kit, Precision Woodoworking Tools for Furniture Making -Tools & Home Improvement

By Woodpeckers

  • MILLED BEAM – The beam is milled giving you set-up bloacks of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch.
  • INCLUDES – You will receive a 6 inch Stainless Steel Delve Square from Woodpeckers
  • The 3/8 inch offset locates the center of a 3/4″ board instantly.
  • BUILT IN SIMPLIFICATION – The 1/4 inch offset simplifies dividing standard 3/4 inch stock by thirds
  • PRECISION WOODWORKING – The scribing holds guide your pencil for perfect parallel lines and you can use thje set-up block sections for drill press or router bit depth of cut.
  • MADE IN USA – Like all Woodpeckers products, the Stainless Steel Delve Square is proudly machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, OH facility, just south of Cleveland.
  • The square includes its own Rack-It mounting kit for wall hanging.

36. Marvel’s Avengers for PlayStation 4 -Video Games

By Square Enix

  • Up to 4 players can assemble online to defend the Earth from escalating threats
  • Available on September 4th, 2020 for PlayStation 4, plus PlayStation 5 owners can upgrade to the PS5 version of the game at no additional cost; Players can also enjoy cross-gen play between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Marvel’s Avengers is a unique take on these iconic Super Heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor; Unlock powerful skills and new gear to build your ideal version of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Best Brands

Buying a product from a reputable manufacturer that provides high brand value is one of the most essential things. Based on my research, here are the top brands that make the best speed square.

  • Swanson Tool Co., Inc
  • Irwin Tools
  • Johnson Level & Tool
  • DDWT
  • Mr. Pen
  • Sirius&Co
  • Mecurate
  • Woodpeckers

The Buyer’s Guide

Although the aim of this list is to help you choose the best option for your needs. This guide shall help you make an informed purchase decision. Here are the few things to consider when choosing a speed square.

1. Features

There’s no point in purchasing a speed square that doesn’t solve your usage needs. Sometimes, even the best option wouldn’t have all the options you’d need. That’s why list down all your feature requirements and make sure that the option you’ve chosen comes with all of them.

2. Budget

Budget plays an important role, if it wasn’t for the budget, wouldn’t everyone purchase the most expensive option? However, before you decide the budget, I’d recommend you to make a list of features you’d need. In case a feature you need the most isn’t available in your budget range, then there’s no point in buying it, is there?

My advice is to make sure that the product has all the features you need then decide the budget. If a product you’ve chosen isn’t having all the features you need, then you should consider increasing your budget.

3. Value For Money

There are times when you shall come across various speed square that shall have all the features you need. However, the price difference shall exist. In a situation like this, it is recommended to value each feature and make sure that you’re not overpaying for a feature you wouldn’t use.

4. Brand, Customer Support, & Warranty

Purchasing a product from a reputed brand is very important. Not only does it guarantee high-quality build, but you also get much better customer support.

You should also make sure that it has a decent warranty, it is really helpful in case a product breaks down due to manufacturing defects. Also, repairs during warranty are generally free of cost (depends on service terms).

5. Individual Product Reviews

You don’t have to watch individual reviews of each speed square in this list. However, pick 2-3 options that have all the technical aspects according to your usage needs. Once you’re ready with it, go to YouTube/Amazon and look at video/customer reviews to make sure that the existing buyers are satisfied with the product.

The FAQs

Which is the best speed square?

According to my research, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (pair) is the best option.

Is Bowflex a reliable brand?

It’s one of the best brands, not only does it make the top-rated speed square, but it also is known for its exceptional service.

Which is the cheapest yet powerful speed square?

According to me, the Dewalt DWHT03132 7in. and 12in. Premium Rafter Square Combo Pack, Black is one of the cheapest options available and yet has all the features.

Are there deals going on?

A few of the options in our article are currently available for a discounted price. However, check out the product listing to find more information.

What brands should I consider when purchasing?

Based on my research, these are the top 5 brands: Bowflex, Starrett, Woodpeckers, Garmin, and Woodpeckers.

Should I buy it online or go to an offline store?

Shopping online comes with a few advantages such as discounted pricing, quick delivery at home. However, if you’re in a hurry or can find the product for a cheaper price in the offline market, consider visiting the offline store.

The Verdict

Choosing the right product isn’t easy and for many of them it could be a time consuming task. However, with this guide, my aim is to help you guys find the perfect speed square for your needs.

I’ve done a huge research to ensure that options I’ve listed are among the best. Like mentioned above, I also interviewed many experts to make sure that the enlisted models are high quality.

I hope that you’re able to find the right speed square for your usage. If you are still struggling to find one, feel free to comment below or contact me.