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PUBG is the most popular game on the internet today. There are millions of players playing different variants of the game worldwide every single day. They are all busy getting chicken dinners and winning Battle Points and Crates. However, PUBG isn’t merely limited to the computer screen.

All the merchandise of PUBG is inspired by some real-life entity as a part of the developers’ desire to make the game as realistic as possible. That also means that whatever is present in the game is also available beyond it. And if you’re looking to purchase some PUBG Merchandise, you’ve come to the correct place. Let’s start off with the best of all that is available on the internet.

PUBG Uppers

The clothes in PUBG are certainly not fictional and are inspired by clothes in real life. While finer details like the patterns and shapes might differ a little, the clothes which can be found in the game can be found in the real world as well. We have researched far and wide to give you this list of uppers from the game of PUBG.

Best PUBG T-Shirt: Straight Outta Pochinki T Shirt

Battle Royale Gamer Novelty Clothing Straight Outta Pochinki Unisex T-Shirt
PUBG Unisex T-Shirt

Anyone who knows about the game of PUBG, also knows that Pochinki is the roughest neighborhood on the island of Erangel. Almost a third of the entire lobby is sure to drop in the city and attempt to fight their way to victory and claim Pochinki for themselves. The best part about the city is that it is smack dab in the center of the map and offers some great firefights which are not for the faint of heart.

You can now wear this T-Shirt to show off your pride as a victor of the city of Pochinki and display your love for the game as well as your toughness and courageous attitude of risking it all by dropping in Pochinki by wearing this shirt.

The T-shirt is meant uni-sex and is made of a soft, durable material. It feels quite comfortable on your skin. The print on the T-shirt is quite durable as well and doesn’t fade or crack easily. The rich color of the shirt is also quite similar in that it doesn’t fade even after repeated washes.

The print on the front has a rugged look to it with imitations of dirt marks over the big text. The shirt is available in two colors, Black and Grey. All for the low price of $17.99. So, go ahead and display your pride as a PUBG veteran by wearing this bold T-shirt and making a statement both on and off the game.

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Champion Men’s Classic Jersey Ringer Tank Top: PUBG Tank Top for Men

Champion Men’s Classic Jersey Ringer Tank Top
PUBG Tank Top for Men

One of the more iconic things about PUBG is the large collection of tank tops in the game. They are open, look stylish, and have a downright dirty look to them; unless you get one of the better Tank Tops.

Inspired by the collection minus the dirt, we decided to look for a few and as it would appear the Champion Men’s Classic Jersey Ringer Tank Top is the closest you can get.

This tank top comes in five colors: White, Black, Granite Heather, Oxford Gray, and Navy. Out of these, only the white and black colors are officially recognized; once you decide to soil them, that is.

This tank top has been ring-spun for additional comfort and is extremely breathable. Moreover, it also has a comfortable fit on your body which allows for maximum mobility as well as comfort when wearing it. It proves to be optimal for most sports and just like in the game, features a neck which conforms to more modern fitting standards as compared to the older tank tops that had a larger neck.

The best part about this tank top is that unlike most other tank tops, this doesn’t fade with time and the color remains just as vibrant as it was when you bought it. You can now play as casually like your avatar in PUBG with this tank top.

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COOFANDY Men’s Floral Cotton Fashion Slim Fit Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt: PUBG Shirt for Men

COOFANDY Men's Floral Print Slim Fit Long Sleeve Casual Button Down Shirt
PUBG Shirt for Men

If you’ve played the game long enough, chances are that you’ve come across a few or most of their shirts. One of the variants includes the sensitively colored floral shirt. It is a simple shirt with an attractive floral print going all around it in the game which has something reminiscent of drug cartels to it.

Fortunately, we found a shirt which is so similar to it that it might just look like a replica. The product we talking about is the COOFANDY Men’s Floral Cotton Fashion Slim Fit Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt.

This shirt is made of pure cotton and is quite comfortable to wear. It is designed to fit the body of an average male so that it doesn’t end up being baggy. It also comes in three variants, Black, White, and Sky Blue. Out of these variants, the Black and White variants are found in the game.

The print on the shirt is actually a qualitative one. The color does not fade or break when washed and is not subject to heat. Moreover, the colors of the shirt do not bleed when washed and the shirt doesn’t shrink either. It keeps you cool in the spring and warm in the fall and is trendy to wear anytime, anywhere. The pattern also looks quite good by itself. Give your wardrobe a trendy twist with the Floral Shirt right away!

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PAUL JONES Men’s Basic Striped T-Shirt Long Sleeve Crew Neck Cotton Shirt: PUBG T-shirt for men

PAUL JONES Men's Basic Striped T-Shirt Crew Neck Cotton Shirt
PUBG Striped Shirt for Men

Have you ever wondered where you can get those awesome striped shirts which you can find in the more common crates when you play PUBG? Well, the PAUL JONES Men’s Basic Striped T-Shirt Long Sleeve Crew Neck Cotton Shirt can be just that!

This long-sleeved T-shirt is meant for men and has the same pattern of stripes as seen in the game. This shirt is available in two colors: Black stripes on White and Navy Stripes on White. It has a classic design with a round neck and an irregular hem.

It is made of a stretchable fabric which hugs your body without harming it by cutting off any circulation. This makes it a very snug fit no matter how you’re sized. The stripes on the navy colored shirt are narrower and closer, making it look exactly like the variant found in the game. It doesn’t get dirty as easily and is quite easy to maintain. Get this shirt to look cool while you play PUBG.

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Zeagoo Women’s Checkered Roll Up Sleeves Flannel Shirt: PUBG Shirt for Women

Zeagoo Womens Flannels Long/Roll Up Sleeve Plaid Shirts Cotton Check Gingham Top S-3XL
PUBG Roll Up Sleeves Shirt for Women

One of the more common items in PUBG includes their rolled up checkered shirts. These come in primarily three colors: red, blue, and white. After some research, we finally found a shirt which matches the patterns of the shirts found in the game. This shirt is the Zeagoo Women’s Checkered Roll Up Sleeves Flannel Shirt.

The shirt is for women and is quite soft and comfortable and is made of a relatively thicker fabric than most other shirts, making it suitable for cooler weather than a warmer one. This shirt can be worn as a full sleeved piece of clothing as well as rolled up. It has buttons on its cuffs. It also has buttoned epaulets for added style. It has two bust flaps on either side of the front side of the shirt.

The shirt is meant for a regular fit. The shirt is available in two colors: Red with Black Checks and  Blue with Deep Blue Checks. The color does not bleed or fade in either variant and remains vibrant for a long time after usage. Wear this shirt for a casual addition for your wardrobe while representing your pride for PUBG.

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OThread & Co. Women’s Long Sleeve Striped T-shirt: PUBG like T-shirt for Women

OThread & Co. Women's Long Sleeve Striped T-Shirt Basic Scoop Neck Shirts
PUBG Striped Shirt for Women

As mentioned before, the striped shirts are one of the more common apparels found while playing PUBG. While we have already added a T-shirt on the list, the fitting and cut for men and women are quite different. As a result, we searched for another variant for women and found the OThread & Co. PUBG like Women’s Long Sleeve Striped T-shirt to be the most similar to the t-shirt in game.

The t-shirt is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which makes the fabric quite stretchable. The t-shirt is available in two colors: White with Black stripes and White with Red stripes. The red and white T-shirt can be found in the game even though the colors tend to be a little faded. The T-shirt also has a deeper and larger round neck, suitable for most women.

The sleeves of this T-shirt are quite long and might need to be pulled back unless you prefer to keep your hands partially inside the sleeves. It is quite lightweight and comfortable to wear. The colors don’t fade over time or bleed when being washed. Get this shirt to be cool and comfortable while you play PUBG.

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Hanes Women’s Scoop-Neck Tank Top: PUBG Tank Top for Women

Hanes Women's Scoop-Neck Tank Top
PUBG Tank Top for Women

Since Tank Top are also unique to both men and women, we decided to include a tank-top for women in addition to the one for men. And Hanes Women’s Scoop-Neck Tank Top was what we found.

This tank-top is quite long, just like most tank-tops should be for women. It has a round scoop neck and embraces your skin quite comfortably. It is also available in a wide variety of colors including Black, White, Amaranth, Light Steel, Navy, Paleo Pink, Petal Purple, and Process Blue.

The tank-top is made of pure cotton apart from the Light Steel color which contains 5% Polyester. While most of these are very comfortable and offer quite a lot of freedom, the Light Steel variant feels a little rougher on the skin. Of all the colors, Light Steel, Black, and White are officially recognized. Again, you’ll need to soil them first if you want to cosplay with them. Be comfortable in heat when you play PUBG with these tank-tops.

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PUBG Lowers

If the uppers in PUBG were inspired by clothes in real-life, the statement holds even more true for the lowers. The best part about the lowers is that in most cases, the design is quite simple and allows players to find matching clothes with ease in real life. And for the ones which aren’t as easily available, you have the list which we have created below.

Best PUBG Slacks: Lee Total Freedom Relaxed Classic Fit Flat Front Slacks Pants

Lee Men's Total Freedom Relaxed Classic Fit Flat Front Pant
PUBG Formal Pants for Men

While some players like to be equipped with the most tactical gear, some people like to treat the game as a profession and use formal wear instead. There are a few pairs of slacks in the game and the best pair which we found is the Lee Total Freedom Relaxed Classic Fit Flat Front Slacks Pants. They are broad and comfortable to the feel, while the colors remain quite professional. These are best paired with a couple of formal shoes and a shirt.

They are available in six different colors, black, charcoal, grey, navy, khaki, and sand. Note that all the colors are dull and boring, as is the entire point of wearing formals.

However, as far as the quality of the color is concerned, it sure is quite solid throughout the trousers and doesn’t fade at all. These slacks are also made such that they are stain repellent and don’t need to be ironed for the ultimate comfort and care. While slacks are meant to be loose, these ones are also stretchable in case a stretch proves to be necessary.

They also have a broken twill, meaning that these trousers won’t tend to sway towards one side and are more durable. As the name suggests, these slacks also have a flat front for ease of care. Add a little bit of professionalism to your PUBG pride with this pair of slacks.

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Best PUBG Jeans for Men: URBAN K Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans

URBAN K Men's Skinny Fit Jeans
PUBG Jeans for Men

One of the more common items found in PUBG are the jeans which you can wear in the battle. After a lot of research and comparison, we found the jeans which resemble the ones found in-game. We are talking about URBAN K Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans.

The jeans are made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, meaning that they are quite rigid and will feel comfortable once broken in. They are also well fitted and conform to the shape of your legs really well. Even though they are skinny jeans, they can comfortably accommodate most skinny to average sized males.

They are available in a variety of colors, and while you’re free to choose any to your liking, the ones which hold true to the game are the Indigo and the Black ones. Those are the only two colors of jeans in the game. These jeans have four pockets in total, two on the front, and two on the back. Purchase these jeans if you want to be closer to the game in your own way without blatantly advertising it.

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PUBG Cargo Pants for Men: Unionbay Men’s Survivor IV Relaxed Fit Cargo Pants

UNIONBAY Men's Survivor Iv Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant-Reg
PUBG Cargo Pants for Men

Another pair of trousers found commonly in the game are the Cargo pants which are available in a variety of colors ranging from Khakhi to White. The closest match we found in terms of overall design after searching far and wide was the  Unionbay Men’s Survivor IV Relaxed Fit Cargo Pants. These trousers are simply amazing and match the trousers as designed and shown in-game closer than any other pair.

These cargo pants are available in a wide variety of colors which you can choose of your own volition. However, the colors which remain true to the game include Saddle, Dessert, Golden Brown, and True Navy.

As most players would recognize, these are also the colors that are most commonly found in-game as the game progresses and they keep acquiring newer clothing. There are two pockets on the front of these cargo pants and just for additional storage, there is extra space which you can use in the form of two more pockets placed on the thighs in the sides.

These pockets are large enough and can accommodate a variety of articles, including spare magazines and grenades if you ever find yourself in a game of PUBG. These trousers also have additional storage space at the back with two pockets. They come with a belted waist to help you maintain your rugged look.

Experience the comfort of a PUBG veteran with this pair of Cargo Pants which can be worn almost anywhere and are comfortable enough to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

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PUBG Combat Pants for Men: MAGCOMSEN Men’s Airsoft Combat Slim Fit Pants with Knee Pads

MAGCOMSEN Men's Airsoft Military Ripstop Combat Slim Fit Pants with Knee Pads
PUBG Combat Pants for Men

One of the most distinguishing parts about the game of PUBG is how the game involves combat pants. These trousers are supposed to have additional storage space along with knee pads for extra padding and comfort when performing high action maneuvers.

Although there are many Airsoft and Military brands which make combat pants, the ones which resemble the ones in PUBG are the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Airsoft Combat Slim Fit Pants with Knee Pads. One of the primary determining factors was the availability of colors and a slim fit design.

These trousers are made of a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. This makes them ideal for comfort as well as functionality. These pants also get less wet and dry rather quickly. The best part about these trousers is that they come with free knee pads which you can wear on your knees for both cosplay and tactical purposes.

These trousers also have a huge storage space with 10 different pockets altogether. There are four pockets on the front, two near the hips and two on the thighs. There are two more pockets on the sides, on the thighs as well as four additional pockets around the back.

Two large pockets are present exactly underneath the back rise while there are two smaller pockets on the calves. However, the fact that these trousers are slim-fit, cause a few problems with storage space especially in the pockets placed near the calves. These combat pants are the closest thing to PUBG without being cosplay. They are best tucked into a pair of boots.

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PUBG Hot pants for Women: Poptime Women’s Fashion Denim Jean Stretchy Shorts Hotpants

POPTIME Women's Mid Waist Elastic Denim Short Jeans
PUBG Hot pants for Women

One of the hottest inclusions in the game of PUBG for female avatars includes the Hot pants which come in the blue, distressed, and camouflage variants. The closest thing to the design which can found on the web is the Poptime Women’s Fashion Denim Jean Stretchy Shorts Hot pants.

These hot pants are made of denim which is composed primarily of cotton with a bit of Spandex blended into it so that it can be stretched.

They have four pockets and are available in four colors: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Mauve. Of all of these colors, only the Light Blue color is similar to the one that can be found in the game. Be as hot as your PBUG avatar in these trendy hot pants.

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Best Jeans for Women: 2LUV Women’s Ankle Stretch Skinny Jeans

2LUV Women's 5 Pocket Ankle Stretch Skinny Jeans
PUBG Jeans for Women

Jeans for men and women are essentially different because of the difference in shapes when it comes to the lower body of both the sexes. However, the best pair of jeans suited for women which resemble the jeans in PUBG is the 2LUV Women’s Ankle Stretch Skinny Jeans. It gives most women a snug fit and resembles the jeans in the game in both their shape and their color.

The jeans are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which makes them stretchable. They are designed for a slim fit and that’s where the additional stretch-ability really helps. They have five pockets in total, with two pockets on the front and two in the back.

The fifth pocket is the coin pocket within the right front pocket. These jeans are slim fit and the large hem running along the seams really helps with fitting and durability. These jeans are also low-rise and feature higher ankles for a more trendy look. Play PUBG in a more trendy look with these jeans.

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PUBG Cargo pants for Women: Arctix Women’s Cargo Snow Pants

Arctix Youth Snow Pants with Reinforced Knees and Seat
PUBG Cargo Pants for Women

Although cargo pants are more or less unisex, there are subtle differences in the trousers meant for both men and women. As a result, we found the Arctix Women’s Cargo Snow Pants for women. These cargo pants are really similar to the ones found in the game. They are actually functional as they are meant to keep you warm in the cold.

The cargo pants are made of 100% polyester which works wonders in the cold weather when you need to seal your body heat in while shielding yourself from the cold wind. However, it can get quite humid in warmer weather. The polyester in the trousers is also thick, which helps seal in more heat.

The ankles of the jeans are reinforced with denier ballistics which makes it still and enables it to maintain its form and shape over time. The trousers are also quite durable because of the hem guards built into it. These are, by all means, combat trousers. They also have six pockets in total, two on the front, two on the back, and two large pockets on the side which offer large storage space for larger items. Stay warm in the harsh winters with this pair of Cargo pants while you play PUBG.

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PUBG Mini-skirt for Women: Bienzoe Women’s Classical Pleated School Uniform Skirt

PUBG Mini-skirt for Women

Another addition to the PUBG wardrobe is the school-themed pleated mini-skirts. Luckily, we found just that. The Bienzoe Women’s Classical Pleated School Uniform Skirt is just the thing which can help you dress up as a schoolgirl or your PUBG avatar in their favorite clothes.

The pleated mini-skirt is made of poly elastane. While this fabric feels quite rough and isn’t suited for clothes, it surprisingly works fine for a mini-skirt since the skirt is quite open and the material helps the skirt retain its overall shape.

As a result, the skirt requires little maintenance and can be washed without the fear of the colors fading or bleeding at all. The mini-skirt is available in two colors: Black and Navy blue. Both of these color variants look just like their in-game versions. You can now go to school with other players while playing PUBG in this fashionable mini-skirt.

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PUBG Footwear

The footwear in PUBG is actually quite practical. In fact, it is so practical that if they were to add special attributes of all shoes to the game the dynamics would greatly differ from those which you currently face. That being said, the following is the list of all the footwear available in PUBG:

Best Boots for Men: EVER Tank Men’s Soft Toe Work Boots

EVER BOOTS "Tank" Men's Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Insulated Work Boots Construction Rubber Sole
PUBG Boots for Men

Working Boots are among the first piece of footwear which we receive in the game of PUBG. They are rough, rugged, and look like they’ve been through some tough times. Something which looks remarkably similar to those rugged boots is the EVER Tank Men’s Soft Toe Work Boots.

These boots are meant for construction workers and come only in the dark brown color. They have a rounded ankle to help against shoe bites while wearing them to bake them more comfortable and they also have added cushioning inside them to make them more comfortable.

They have a rubber sole which has a good grip and offers extra protection to your feet from spikes and other such hazards. The sole is also slip-resistant meaning that it will help you against slipping on wet or slippery surfaces. Join your PUBG avatar by wearing these reliable work boots.

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PUBG Like Boots for Women: Knee High Studded Punk Grunge Spiky 

Fashion Thirsty Womens Knee High Studded Punk Grunge Spiky Winter Boots Size
PUBG Boots for Women

The steel studded Punk Boots from the game look quite dangerous and rebellious at the same time. While they have a distinct look to them, there is something that is equally spiky which we can offer you. Turns out that the Fashion Thirsty Women’s Knee High Studded Punk Grunge Spiky Winter Boots are the perfect replica of that spiky footwear which you can find in PUBG.

These boots are mid-calf length reinforced with silver buckles. They also have silver studs along the front and the back. These boots don’t have a high heel and are quite comfortable to walk in. While the heel and the toe are reinforced, the rest of the boots are made of soft leather which makes it comfortable to walk around in and much easier to slide your feet into.

While the fabric may be soft, these boots are still quite long, making it a little bit of a struggle to wear them. However, despite that, they are much easier to wear and more comfortable than other boots with similar dimensions. Walk the streets in style with these studded punk boots!

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PUBG like Hi-Tops for Men: PUMA Basket Mid X Dee

PUMA 362103-01 Men Basket MID X DEE & Ricky Green
PUBG Hi-Tops for Men

Anyone who has played the game for long enough would have received the Blue Hi-Top trainers at some point or the other in the game. Turns out, Puma makes a pair of Hi-Top trainers which look exactly like the ones found in the game. Presenting the PUMA Basket Mid X Dee.

These trainers are meant for the basketball court and have a non-marking sole which provides an amazing amount of grip. These trainers also come with ankle support like all hi-top trainers are supposed to be. The trainers also have additional space for stickers so that they can be customized as per the wearer.

However, for all purposes, they resemble the trainers found in PUBG down to every last detail. However, it has minimal branding which doesn’t take away from any of the design of the shoes. Shoot people in PUBG with three-pointers with these Hi-Top Trainers!

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PUBG Hi-Tops for Women: Airwalk Women’s Legacee High-Top Trainer Shoes

Airwalk Women's Legacee High-Top
PUBG Hi-Tops for Women

Another pair of Hi-Top Trainers in the game comes in the form of casual canvas shoes which look good with certain combinations of clothing in the game, generally casual wear. The Airwalk Women’s Legacee High-Top Trainer Shoes tend to be a good impersonation of the same shoes.

The hi-top trainers are made of thin cloth and are primarily for casual wear and not intended for sports. They have a nice, casual feel to them and are padded on the inside for more comfort. They also don’t have any ankle protection.

The grip, however, remains quite good and these shoes can be used in the event that you would like to run. Apart from that, these canvas hi-tops are mostly for show. Now you can look cool in these pair of high-top trainers as well. Just like your avatar!

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PUBG Like Shoes for Men: Bruno Marc Men’s Penny Loafers

Shoes for Men: Bruno Marc Men’s Penny Loafers
PUBG Shoes for Men

PUBG has a vast variety of options when it comes to apparel. This includes the variety of footwear made available to the players. They even include variants of formal shoes as well! One of the formal shoes which we could find in the game come in the form of Bruno Marc Men’s Penny Loafers in real life. These shoes are almost the same thing as found in the game.

These shoes are made of pure leather and they come under the category of formal shoes. The sole of the shoe is quite thin and the shoe is really comfortable to wear. It comes in five color variants: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Tan, and Blue. All colors are somewhat shiny and are perfect for the office and other formal wear.

The insole of this show has a thin Latex coating which helps the shoes fit more comfortably over time. The best part about these shoes is how they wrap around your feet as you continue to wear them. However, they aren’t practical for any purpose other than walking and show. Add some class to your Battlegrounds experience with these shoes.

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PUBG like Shoes for Women: Meeshine Women’s Leather Penny Loafers

PUBG Shoes for Women

The game also has a wide variety of formal shoes for women as well. The differences between shoes for men and women are subtle. However, shoes for women are generally softer than the shoes for men and are shaped a little differently. The best formals for women according to those which are present in the game are the Meeshine Women’s Leather Penny Loafers.

These shoes are made of pure leather and are very soft as a result. These might need to be broken in initially, but once broken in, they feel like they are built just for your feet. They also have a very gentle heel slope which helps you in walking and keeps your posture straighter while keeping the shoes comfortable. The outsole of these shoes is flexible so that it helps you in walking around without hurting your feet. These also have a breathable lining for additional comfort while wearing them.

Be a lady on the battlefield with these shoes when playing PUBG.

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PUBG Sneakers for Men: Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Sneakers

Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Sneakers
PUBG Sneakers for Men

While there is a wide variety of sneakers in the game, one of the rarer ones are the plain white sneakers. Luckily, Adidas makes sneakers which are just like that with their Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Sneakers.

These sneakers are best suited for running and have a flat, soft sole. The sneakers are all white. They also have sufficient grip for tennis and other similar sports. These sneakers also have a reinforced toe with three white stripes stitched on to the sides of the shoes which bears the trademark of Adidas and adds to the durability of these shoes. The soles of these shoes also have a layer of gel in them which absorbs a lot of force from impacts. As a result, these are quite healthy to wear while partaking in sports and other fitness activities. The inside of these shoes is made of memory foam which enables them to remember the shape of your feet so that they provide you with an extremely snug fit as you keep wearing them over time.

Play with comfort and style with these sneakers by Adidas.

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PUBG Sneakers for Women: AOMAIS Women’s Canvas Sneaker

AOMAIS Women’s Canvas Sneaker
PUBG Sneakers for Women

One of the sneakers in the game include a sleek black pair of canvas shoes which closely resembles the AOMAIS Women’s Canvas Sneakers. It is difficult to say whether the shoes in the game were inspired by these, or vice-versa.

As far as the sneakers are concerned, they are quite comfortable with a layer of cloth for the top. The outsole of the shoes is made of hard rubber and has a decent amount of grip.

These shoes are meant for a casual look on the streets. While you won’t skid while wearing these shoes, they don’t provide much grip for other purposes otherwise. It has an overall comfortable fit with laces provided so that you can fit it better on your feet. Look casually trendy on the streets by pronouncing your style both in the game and outside it.

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PUBG Outerwear

PUBG has an amazing collection of outerwear which ranges from hoodies, coats, and goes all the way till rugged Trench coats. Most of this outerwear are unisex. A few samples of the vast collection of outerwear as present in the game include the following:

Best Hoodie: Chicken Dinner Hoodie

Chicken Dinner Hoodie
PUBG Hoodie: Chicken Dinner Hoodie

All PUBG players play the game for one sole reason: to see the words ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ pop up on their screens as they prove to be the last person left alive on the island. This mark of luck, skill, tact, and overall awesomeness is granted to only one player out of a hundred playing the game.

While most players would surely have received this quite a few times throughout their journey of playing their favorite Battle Royal game, wearing it around on your personnel is another thing altogether.

You can now wear the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Hoodie to show others what you strive for when you are playing the game: a chicken dinner. The hoodie is unisex and isn’t baggy, meaning that it fits the shape of your body quite comfortably and appropriately.

The material used in the hoodie is thick enough to keep you warm on most days, but not so warm that it’ll create an oven inside of it. It is a navy colored hoodie which is made of 45% cotton and 55% polyester which is pre-shrunk so that it doesn’t shrink when you wash it. The colors on the hoodie are quite vibrant including the art on the front.

It also has a Kangaroo pocket at the front which can be accessed from both sides for additional storage space. Stay warm and have as many chicken dinners as you can with this hoodie!

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Best Mandarin Jacket: AngelSpace Vogue Mandarin Collar Jacket

AngelSpace Vogue Mandarin Collar Jacket
PUBG Mandarin Jacket

The Mandarin Jacket is a relatively newer piece of clothing that was recently introduced inside the game. It is featured as an open style of Jacket which is supposed to be worn with a plain T-shirt underneath. The AngelSpace Vogue Mandarin Collar Jacket is the perfect replica for your desires to dress up as your avatar with class.

The jacket has one pocket on the right-hand side and is available in four different colors: Beige White, Khaki, Navy Blue, and Black. Out of these four colors, only the Black and Navy Blue variants are found in the game. However, the rest of the colors look rather dazzling as well.

This jacket is meant to be kept open and is quite warm otherwise. It won’t help you from freezing over in the cold, but it is suitable for a cool temperature otherwise. Not unlike all Mandarin Jacket, it has a mandarin collar. The color on this jacket is really subtle and casual and does not fade much over time. It retains its overall shape even if the colors do fade.

Be a PUBG veteran with a bit of class with this Mandarin Jacket.

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Best Padded Jacket: Fantasy Winter Snow Puffer Coat Padded Jacket

Fantasy Winter Snow Puffer Coat Padded Jacket
PUBG Padded Jacket

Another addition to your Winter Collection which comes straight from PUBG includes the warm padded jacket. The jacket in the game comes with quite a lot of padding and has a far hoodie on top of it which makes it look quite distinct to look at. A real-life jacket with a striking resemblance comes in the form of the Fantasy Winter Snow Puffer Coat Padded Jacket.

This jacket comprises of two cross-pockets on either side of the jacket. It has a sufficient amount of padding to insulate you from freezing temperatures in case you decide to go visit Vikendi. It also features a rib cuff and hem which is especially useful in keeping the heat concealed when you are wearing this jacket.

The outer layer is made of polystyrene, which shields you against the cold winds of winter. It also features a zipper as any good winter jacket should. The jacket also consists of a fur hood which is detachable when required to make fashion meet practicality and functionality. It comes in four colors, Khaki, Red, Blue, and Deep Blue.

With this padded jacket, you can stay warm which you play on your favorite map of PUBG.

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Best Trench Coat: HF Outlets Real Leather Jacket Brown Long Hooded Trench Coat

HF Outlets Real Leather Jacket Brown Long Hooded Trench Coat
PUBG Trench Coat

The Trench Coat in PUBG is a symbol of the highest honors which a player can receive. Not only is the item rare, but it is also quite costly and difficult to come by, commanding attention for anyone wearing this in the lobby.

This item also proves the wearer to be a formidable foe on the Battlegrounds. One of the Trench Coats which comes close to the symbol of reputation is the HF Outlets Real Leather Jacket Brown Long Hooded Trench Coat. This is more or less a good replica of the original coat as seen on PUBG.

This trench coat is made of pure leather and comes in brown color. It also has a Viscose lining on the inside for additional comfort. The leather on this trench coat is extremely breathable and is very soft to the touch. It is quite warm and comfortable overall. The coat also has four pockets in total. Two on the inside and two on the outside.

It also features lapels and a removable hood just like the PlayerUnknown’s Trenchcoat. In addition to that, it also has buttons to close up the front of the coat even, though it generally looks more rugged when these buttons are left open instead.

The jacket feels quite warm on the inside and is large enough to reach till your knees just like it does in the game. The removable hood comes in handy when you wish to wear this for style or for cosplay. It is also useful in windy or cold weather. Be as reputed as a season danger on the PUBG Battlefields while looking simply amazing with these Trench Coats.

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Best Track Suit: Vertical Sport 2 Piece Jacket & Pants Slim Fit Jogging Track Suit

Vertical Sport 2 Piece Jacket & Pants Slim Fit Jogging Track Suit
PUBG Track Suit

One of the rarer items in the game of PUBG includes tracksuits. These usually look rather dirty. After some extensive research, we’ve found a similar replica of the Track Suit in the Vertical Sport 2 Piece Jacket & Pants Slim Fit Jogging Track Suit.

The tracksuit is thin and flexible giving you all the mobility you could ask for. It is suitable for running and keeping your body warm while you work out on the track and even before and after it. It has a polystyrene fabric with a technology called Climalite which keeps you sweat-proof.

Furthermore, it comes as a complete set including the jacket as well as the trousers. It is also available in four colors, Black, Gray, Yellow, and Navy to help you decide how you want to look when you’re being shielded against the wind. Out of these four colors, Gray and Yellow are found in the game. The fabric has a matte finish to it with a dull sort of sheen while the yellow variant looks quite close to the one which can found in the game.

Get ready to run marathons and evade the blue with these tracksuits.

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PUBG Apparels

PUBG really puts a lot of effort into its skins. Even apart from the gun skins and the vehicle and parachute and plane skins, there are a lot of choices available when it comes to skins in every single thing. It can be as small as your glove or your glasses and can range to the color of the entire airplane which the whole lobby is flying in. Sometimes, you even get a nice, flashy parachute to let other rival players know just where you are. With that being said, here is the list of apparels which can be found in PUBG. be sure to pick one which you’ve always had in the game and have desperately wanted in real life as well.

Best Goggles: WEICHUAN Retro Steampunk Goggles

WEICHUAN Retro Steampunk Goggles
PUBG Goggles

One of the more exotic glasses which PUBG offers are the Punk glasses which are quite commonly available throughout different crates. While some people like the way they look, others don’t and it’s all goes down to personal preference. However, for those of you who like them, the WEICHUAN Retro Steampunk Goggles are the real-world imitation of them.

While these goggles draw inspiration from swimming goggles, they certainly are practical for a lot of different purposes. You can swim in them, use them for riding, or simply do a bit of cosplay in them. In the end, they all work equally well. These goggles don’t have any legs just like swimming goggles and instead have an elastic band for support so that they can stick to your face better. You can further add lenses to them in case you wish to use these glasses for daily life.

Get into the Steampunk theme with these goggles.

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Best Sunglasses: De Ding Rimless Titanium Polarized Sunglasses

De Ding Rimless Titanium Polarized Sunglasses
PUBG Sunglasses

One of the rarer glasses in PUBG comes in the form of Rimless Sunglasses. These sunglasses can be found in the Pioneer Crate in the game while the De Ding Rimless Titanium Polarized Sunglasses take care of them in real life. These sunglasses are relatively cheap and somewhat similar to those which can be found in the game.

Apart from the similarity, these sunglasses come with a lot of customizable features which include the color of the frame as well as the color of the tint on the glasses. The rim is available in Blue, Gold, Red, Gray and Silver while the lens is available in Blue, Gray, Green, Purple, and Red. These sunglasses are made of pure titanium which makes it quite strong and durable while letting it remain flexible. The sunglasses also block most of excess light and completely block all UV light which makes them suitable to keep your eyes safe.

Treat the sun as the shade with this pair of sunglasses.

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Best Cap: TRONSTORE Patrol Cap

PUBG Patrol Cap

One of the most stylish caps in PUBG includes the Patrol Cap that adds a look of sharpness to your avatar. While the game might have its own way of obtaining this cap, you have the TRONSTORE Patrol Cap in real life.

The cap is meant to fit snugly on your head while you enjoy the view with the sunlight out of your eyes. The bill in front of the cap is meant exactly for that purpose. The cap is made of pure cotton and looks rather stylish especially with casual or disciplined dressing. After all, this cap is meant for militaries in a few countries. No wonder it makes you and your avatar look much sharper.

Add a tinge of sharpness to your style with this patrol cap.

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Best Mask: M04 Airsoft Tactical Full Face Gas Mask

M04 Airsoft Tactical Full Face Gas Mask
PUBG Gas Mask

If there’s anything that is absolutely tactical and cool about PUBG, it’s the Gas Mask in the game. When geared out, this makes the wearer look like a special operative straight from the military who knows exactly how to win the game. While your avatar may or may not have this mask, you can get the completely functional variant with the M04 Airsoft Tactical Full Face Gas Mask.

This Gas Mask completely covers your face and has built-in filters which help protect you against gas emissions. It is actually meant for airsoft and other similar games. It comes in two variants. One has one gas filter while the other has two filters. Apart from that, it also has two colors: Black and Green. You reserve the option to add batteries to the mask and activate a ventilation fan to take care of the moisture and your own breath fogging up your view if required. It has two large glass panes for eyes which will protect you against airsoft pellets and paintball without blocking your view.

Play tactically with this Gas Mask!

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Best Gloves: TitanOPS Full Finger Tactical Combat Training Gloves

TitanOPS Full Finger Tactical Combat Training Gloves
PUBG Gloves

The players in PUBG often wear a wide assortment of gloves meant to protect their hands and assist them in a variety of situations. Similar tactical gloves are available in real life in the form of TitanOPS Full Finger Tactical Combat Training Gloves. These gloves are originally meant for multi-purpose tactical. They can be used for for shooting, war games, rappelling, biking, and most other adventurous activities which you can think of.

The gloves have knuckle and finger shields on them to protect against cuts, abrasions, and other sorts of damage when you go for an adventure. They are made with Lycra and Nylon Microfibers which enable them to have a better fit over time to give you comfort while wearing them while still protecting you for other sorts of damages that you may incur.

They also have a reinforced palm and an adjustable wrist strap for better grip and fitting. They also work to seal your body heat in. They aren’t awfully large and can easily help you get a good grip on things and enable you to perform other finer functions without any obtrusion. They come in three variants: Black, Green, and finger-less Black gloves. Go tactical with these gloves in your effort to show your PUBG pride.

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While some things in the Battle Royale game might be inspired by real-life items, there are a few things which are simply borrowed from reality. Not only does this make the game much more realistic, but for a few things, the original is what is best and stands irreplaceable. The following is the list of such gear which has been borrowed as is from reality:

Level 1 Police Vest

Level 1 Police Vest
PUBG Level 1 Police Vest

The Level 1 Police Vest is known to offer minimal protection against ammunition in the game with only 30% of damage reduction. The NcStar Chest Rig is the real-life variant of the same which offers protection in the lumbar areas of any individual wearing it. It has to be worn lack a vest and has some amount of padding which can stop smaller rounds but will still injure you in the process.

It is best suited to airsoft in order to avoid getting hurt. It is more or less a replica of the ones found in game and can be worn during a cosplay event. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it in a real-life scenario. It has harnesses that run from the front to the back along with additional pockets in case you’d like to protect yourself with extra sandbags, steel, or ceramic to make the armor more authentic or simply for the heck of it.

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Level 2 Police Vest

Level 2 Police Vest
PUBG Level 2 Police Vest

The Level 2 Police Vest is a bigger improvement from the Level 1 Vest and offers more storage space and 40% damage reduction. These were not invented for the sole purpose of the game and they are drawn from real-life sources. This specific vest is inspired by the likes of the UTG 574 Tactical SWAT Police Vest which as the name suggests, is usually used by special operatives like the SWAT and other special purpose commandos around the globe.

The best part about this vest is that it is a genuine Police vest, meaning that apart from cosplay, this offers protection against weapons as well. Furthermore, these also have additional space and utilities which can be used for storage and tethering. This vest features four elastic storage pockets for magazines. Since they are elastic, they can wrap themselves around magazines of most kinds without much effort. Apart from that, it has additional storage space for grenades, shotgun shells, and a radio. It also has a hook on the back which can be used to hang secondary weapons. It also has two zippered pockets on the inside to make sure that it can hold documents, maps, and other things of that nature. It is also available in four color variants: Black, Green, Digital, and Woodland Camouflage. All in all, this is a true tactical vest.

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Level 3 Military Vest

Level 3 Military Vest
PUBG Level 3 Military Vest

The Level 3 Military Vest is the best kind of vest available. It not only offers the most storage space, but it also offers 55% damage reduction, making this vest one of the safest ones to wear. Even though we found a genuine SWAT vest for the Level 2 Vest, we will have to make do with an airsoft vest for this one seeing how military vests are extremely expensive to purchase. This brings us to the Lixada Military Training Vest. This vest will not offer any real protection. However, it does provide a lot of storage space.

This vest has adjustable straps along the shoulders and the waist to accommodate a more comfortable fit. Furthermore, it also has 3 magazine pouches, 1 flashlight pouch, and 1 first aid pouch, all of which are attached with velcro and can be removed at will, making the vest modular. To top all the storage space off, it also features a quick release pull belt which enables the vest to fall apart into two sections for easy removal in the event of an emergency. It is only available in the dessert colored variant.

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Level 1 Motorcycle Helmet

Level 1 Motorcycle Helmet
PUBG Level 1 Motorcycle Helmet

The Level 1 Motorcycle Helmets in PUBG are just that. Whether they would actually stop a bullet is quite questionable, but they do manage to reduce the damage of a head-shot by 30% in the game. They are the worst kind of protection available, but something is better than nothing.

A similar open-face helmet in real life would be the Bell Custom Adult Open Face Helmet. The helmet is an open-face motorcycle helmet, meaning that while the entire head is covered, including the sides, the face remains exposed, just like in the game. Even though this is basically a motorcycle helmet, it does have a vintage shape to it, which offers a significant amount of protection against crashes on the road. They are available in three different colors: Black, Blue, and Silver. They have an outer shell made of fiberglass composites and have a softer inner lining for comfort while riding.

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Level 2 Military Helmet

Level 2 Military Helmet
PUBG Level 2 Military Helmet

The Level 2 Military Helmet in PUBG reduces 40% of damage. It is naturally always preferred over the Motorcycle helmet. While in reality, a simple 5.56 or 7.62 mm round can easily penetrate both sides of a Military Helmet, the ones we bring to the table are useless against all weapons alike. The Modern Warrior Tactical Helmet is a helmet meant for paintball and airsoft and has a military pattern skin printed on top of it. If anything, it will help you cosplay or play a game of airsoft if you’re looking to start.

It features a chin strap for a secure fit on your head and also has a star-shaped strap-based suspension system to keep the helmet securely in place like it is the case in actual military helmets. It also has a dessert camouflage skin on top of it as is found in the game. It is suitable for all sorts of cosplay. It is quite a snug fit on your head because of the strap suspensions.

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Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet

Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet
PUBG Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet

In the game of PUBG, the Level 3 Helmet is a revered piece of armor which can deflect bullets from even the strongest of guns. It offers 55% damage reduction and even features a face-mask, making it one of the safest helmets in the game. There is a real-life reproduction of the same called the OSCPower PUBG Level 3 Helmet. It has been inspired by the helmet seen in the game. However, it doesn’t stop any bullets from the Kar98K.

The helmet is basically a  cycling helmet made to resemble the Spetsnaz helmet. It is made of high-density EVA and ABS which makes it durable for cycling purposes without making it too heavy. It also has a softer inner lining and a chin strap to keep it securely on your head.

However, this helmet isn’t recommended for anything more than cosplaying since the viewport is simply too narrow and constricted and blocks peripheral vision. Seeing oncoming traffic can prove to be quite difficult in this.

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Level 1 Backpack

Level 1 Backpack
PUBG Level 1 Backpack

The Level 1 Backpack 1 PUBG offers the lowest storage space of only 170 points. It can also be seen as relatively quite small. The closest thing to the default skin in the game is the Outdoor 20L Backpack.

The backpack offers twenty liters of storage space. It is essentially a small day-pack, best suited to travelling purposes. It also features a velcro on the front in case you want to attach something additional to the backpack. Apart from that, the backpack is quite sturdy. However, heavier weights are not a recommended addition.

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Level 2 Backpack

Level 2 Backpack
PUBG Level 2 Backpack

The Level 2 Backpack is the most appreciated one in the game. It offers plenty of storage space to take sufficient supplies for the entire duration of the game. You rarely have to loot again with 220 points of storage space.

The backpack which comes close to this is the Gootium Unisex Canvas Backpack. This is a backpack made out of canvas. You can wax it to give it more of a shine and color. Otherwise, the backpack has a dull fade to it because of the washing process that it undergoes during production. It has one main storage area and three smaller pockets, one on the front and two on the sides. It has a few color options as well.

All in all, it is quite a decent backpack.

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Level 3 Backpack

Level 3 Backpack
PUBG Level 3 Backpack

The Level 3 Backpack is more or less one of those things which lucky players can get in the game. It offers a plentiful storage space of 270 points which lets you carry supplies in excess and still leaves space for more.

The real-life version of this backpack comes in the form of the COOLJOY Military Patrol Tactical Combat Backpack which is essentially a very large backpack suitable for carrying a lot of things. The Backpack has the main section divided into two sections for more organized storing and has tightening straps to keep your things organized and in place. They can also be loosened to accommodate more items. The backpack also features two smaller compartments on the front for smaller items. Since the backpack is designed to carry heavier weights, the shoulder straps are padded. It also has a waist strap and a sternum strap for equal and simpler weight distribution.

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Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Suit
PUBG Ghillie Suit

The Ghillie Suit in PUBG primarily comes in four variants, Green, Dark Brown, Dessert, and White. While the rest are more difficult to come by, we found a green Ghillie suit which closely resembles the one seen in PUBG in the VIVO Ghillie Suit.

This Ghillie Suit is actually an entire suit made of stips of polypropylene and a polyester lining to make them all stay together. This suit is divided into five parts, the mask, the jacket, the trousers, the gun cover, and the items sack. While this can accommodate your backpack inside it, it has an additional item sack to go along with it. It also has a gun cover which can be used to hide the gun which may give you away despite your camouflage. The suit also has a drawstring in the mask and the trousers for added reliability as well as buttons on the jacket for security. Furthermore, it also has rip-away buttons at the base of the trousers for added air fly, in case it gets too hot and humid inside, which can easily be the case with the materials involved.

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Utility Belt

Utility Belt
PUBG Utility Belt

The utility belt is the first and only thing which players receive as soon as we head into the PUBG game. It is a basic utility pouch which you can wear on your hips. It also enables you to carry 70 points worth of items until you find vests and backpacks for more items. The Walking Man Tactical Utility Belt is a good replication that looks quite similar to the variant found in the game.

The utility pouch is waterproof, making it ideal for airsoft, paintball, and other adventure sports, where you’d like to keep a few items with you for quick access while keeping your hands free for other purposes. It has two sections, one which resides near the hip, and the other which resides near the thigh. Both of these sections, combined, provide adequate space to store small to mid-sized items which you might frequently need. This is also quite useful while traveling. It furthermore features a quick release buckle and removable leg strap for greater accessibility.

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PUBG Collectibles

Apart from clothes and gear, PUBG also has a few other utilitarian items. While selling ammunition might be illegal, we can sell you the boosts and health packs which can be found in the game. They include various kinds of spin-offs which can be passed off as items from PUBG since the developers haven’t released their official line of merchandise yet.

Adrenaline Syringe

Adrenaline Syringe
PUBG Adrenaline Syringe

One of the most powerful boosts in PUBG mobile comes in the form of the Adrenaline Syringe. It can instantly replenish your Boost bar to the max. This not only accelerates healing by a huge factor, but this also makes you faster for a stipulated time. The JY Cookment Meat Injector Syringe Kit is the perfect tool in real-life for you to make an adrenaline syringe. Now, we would highly recommend against injecting adrenaline into yourself without reasonable reason unless your life is about to end and you need a few more moments to survive. It could be extremely fatal for you. The same goes for injecting practically anything else unless you know what you’re doing.

That being said, this is a meat injector syringe. This is used to inject chemicals and hormones into meat in order to give them certain flavors and textures and tenderness. It comes with three needles: one one-hole needle for thicker meat, one twelve-hole needle for a marinade, and one precision needle for smaller slices. This can be used for any food that requires marinade including barbecue.

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Energy Drink

Energy Drink
PUBG Energy Drink

The energy drink gives a minor boost on the battlefield. So less, that it takes four energy drinks to fill up your boost bar. However, they are boosts, nonetheless and are an important part of the game.

Now, this goes without saying, but anyone who has played the game can point out the uncanny resemblance between the Energy Drinks in PUBG and a can of Red Bull in real life. It’s almost like the developers of the game wanted to tease the company behind the drinks by taking most parts of their packaging, but not giving them enough to sue the game for it. And with such a devious hand played by Bluehole Corporation, we present to you, a plentiful supply of a 24 cans pack of Red Bull. It should be enough supply to last you for several days so that you can be more alert while playing your favorite game. Drinking in moderation is advised.

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PUBG Painkillers

Painkillers are the more potent boosts on the battlefield which provide you with ample boost to heal quicker and be faster for a short duration, which can be the difference between the message on your screen reading ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ and ‘Better Luck Next Time.’

However, since painkillers are prescription drugs, we have instead Wild Eye Prescription Bottle Shot Glasses. These are essentially shot glasses which are shaped like prescription bottles and have realistic labels printed on them.

You can now add a little more life to your party the PUBG way with these shot glasses.

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First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
PUBG First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit is one of the most important items in the game. It helps you restore your health instantly all the way up to 75%. While that’s certainly a limitation, that’s better than anything that’s any lower than that. While finding one as exactly seen in the game was a little difficult, we found you an alternative – Protect Life First Aid Kit.

It’s a First Aid Kit which comes in a red colored portable bag and has pretty much a solution for most of your first aid needs. It comes with some amazing things for the direst of situations including Trauma Shears, Instant Ice Packs, a Survival tool, and other items which make 200 tools in total including a smaller first aid kit in case this is too large to carry in certain places.

The smaller first aid kit contains 32 tools including bandages, alcohol pads, gauze, string relief pads, a CPR kit and more all while remaining small enough to fit in your pocket. It also contains refill essentials. This is a necessary addition in case you wish to go traveling or indulge in adventure sports or even otherwise.

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Gas Can

Gas Can
PUBG Gas Can

A Gas Can is an often overlooked component in a PUBG game. However, it has precisely what cars run on, gas. There are countless types of gas jerry cans available in the market. However, one which is made of plastic and has a yellow dispenser and can accommodate only 5 gallons of gas is something which can be difficult to come by. The Moeler Scepter Gas Jerry Can is an ideal match.

As a disclaimer, it doesn’t provide any gas in the can. You can buy the can so that you can fill it with gas yourself.

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PUBG Weapon Replicas

Playing PUBG on your computer or console is super fun. But having to play it yourself in real life seems to be a very, very scary scenario. However, that exactly where Airsoft Weapon Replicas come in. You can simply purchase an airsoft replica of the rifle and gather some BB Pellets. In the end, you just need some friends, and behold! You can now safely play a real game of PUBG in your own place of choice. Just be careful not to harm other players. Also, an airsoft replica looks quite cool as a part of your collection.



Any game of PUBG will be incomplete without a Pan. After all, the entire game is based around one piece of cookware which is so powerful that it can stop a bullet from any gun in the game. The Chengaifengyue Cast Iron Skillet has you covered as far as pans go. They have also developed a Spetsnaz helmet which we have included in this list. It is essentially a real pan which is meant to fry eggs and not to stop bullets. However, they do have the PUBG logo engraved on the face as a mark of a replica.

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The AWM is one hell of a sniper on the battlefield, no matter which map you’re playing on. The gun has been dubbed by a lot of players as the ‘God Gun’ seeing how a single headshot can kill even a player wearing a Spetsnaz helmet. The Well AWM Airsoft Replica is a spring operated functional replica of the AWM which is chambered for BB Pellets. The gun is meant for playing Airsoft so that you can enjoy shooting the AWM safely while playing war games in a safe environment for all players involved.

The gun does not come with optics equipped, you have to spend more on them. However, the mechanics of the sniper remain the same as the real variant.

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The AUG is arguably the most dangerous assault rifle on the battlefield. So much so, that most people who find the gun would not like to leave it behind. It is nowhere near the AWM, but it is better than any other 5.56 chambered Assault Rifle in the game. While the real thing is entirely different, the Evike ASG Steyr AUG Airsoft Replica is an accurate replica of the legendary bull-pup chambered, yet again, for the BB Pellets. This is a functional, spring-loaded replica of the AUG A3 which has been in service since 2004. It comes with 200 rounds of BB Pellets for starters. You can purchase more once you’re done with them. It has two modes, single fire and full auto. Both modes are powered by a rechargeable battery which triggers the action to chamber the next pellet.

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PUBG P1911
PUBG P1911

The P1911 gun which is chambered for the .45 ACP rounds in the game is the gun which actually invented the .45 ACP cartridge in the first place, where ACP is short for Automated Colt Pistol. As a result, the Evike 1911 Airsoft Replica is an accurate spring loaded replica of the original Colt 1911 handgun that is issued to soldiers in the US Army even today.

This replica is made of plastic parts which make the gun lighter and less expensive. It has all the original details preserved. It has a gas-operated charging mechanism so that it’s simpler for you to shoot this gun. Once you charge it, you can keep operating it over and over again.

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The UZI is perhaps the gun with the highest rate of fire in the game. While the UZI is chambered for the 9 mm cartridge, the replica, the Micro UZI Airsoft Replica is made to propel BB pellets using a spring inside the gun at equally fast rates.


While the gun may be made of plastic, everything about the gun is just the same as the original UZI including the safety selector switch as well as the safety button. Furthermore, it can fire just as fast as the original UZI does.

Even the wire stock of the gun folds to make it feel more realistic. It is reliant on an electric system for the full auto mode which is powered by a rechargeable battery.

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The M416 stands to be one of the finer guns in the game which is chambered for the 5.56 round. Perhaps the only gun which can compete with it, if not defeat it is the AUG A3. The real gun is also used in many parts around the world.

The Evike M416 Airsoft Replica is a perfect to-scale replica of the original HK M416 carbine which continues the trend of firing BB Pellets with a high-tension spring. This gun has an assault scope pre-installed. The scope and the action are powered by a battery which is rechargeable. Everything about the gun is exactly the same as the M416, including the charging handle as well as the stock. The only downside to this is that the auto firing system tends to discharge every 200 to 300 rounds fired.

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That brings us to the end of the best PUBG merchandise available across the web. Hopefully, you like some of these items as we’ve tired and pointed you in the right direction in case you were looking to buy any of these.