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Pokemon Go Yveltal Information: Greatest Counters, Weaknesses, And Extra Suggestions

Yveltal has arrived in Pokemon Go. The Legendary Destruction Pokemon is showing in five-star Raid Battles all through the Luminous Legends Y occasion, which runs by Might 31. This marks your first likelihood to catch Yveltal in Niantic’s cellular recreation, so we have rounded up some suggestions that can assist you beat and catch the brand new Gen 6 Legendary under.Yveltal Weaknesses And CountersYveltalYveltal is a Darkish/Flying sort, which provides it a handful of widespread weaknesses you could exploit. The Legendary is especially weak to Electrical, Ice, Rock, and Fairy Pokemon, so you could have quite a lot of choices to select from when battling it. Listed here are some good Pokemon of every sort, together with really helpful strikes:PokemonTypeRecommended Quick AttackRecommended Cost AttackZekromDragon/ElectricCharge BeamWild ChargeRaikouElectricThunder ShockWild ChargeZapdosElectric/FlyingThunder ShockThunderboltMega ManectricElectricCharge BeamWild ChargeMamoswineIce/GroundPowder SnowAvalancheGalarian DarmanitanIceIce FangAvalancheMega AbomasnowIce/GrassPowder SnowBlizzardKyuremDragon/IceDragon BreathBlizzardRhyperiorGround/RockSmack DownRock WreckerRampardosRockSmack DownRock SlideTyranitarRock/DarkBiteStone EdgeAlolan GolemRock/ElectricRock ThrowWild ChargeAerodactylRock/FlyingRock ThrowRock SlideXerneasFairyTackleMoonblastTogekissFairy/FlyingCharmDazzling GleamGardevoirPsychic/FairyCharmDazzling GleamGranbullFairyCharmPlay RoughWhile the above monsters are among the many greatest Yveltal counters, nearly any Electrical, Ice, Rock, or Fairy Pokemon might be useful when battling the Legendary, particularly in the event that they know Quick and Charged assaults of their respective varieties. Rock Pokemon particularly are good decisions to make use of as a result of they’ve naturally excessive defenses and can resist any Flying-type strikes that Yveltal could know.Varieties To AvoidAlthough they’re usually among the many recreation’s greatest offensive Pokemon, Psychic and Ghost varieties will take super-effective harm from Yveltal, so you will need to keep away from utilizing them when difficult the Legendary. Preventing and Bug Pokemon may show to be a legal responsibility; whereas they’re usually robust towards Darkish varieties, they will not final lengthy towards Yveltal if it is aware of a Flying-type assault.Yveltal Raid ScheduleYveltal is debuting in Pokemon Go as a part of the Luminous Legends Y occasion, which kicks off at 10 AM native time on Might 18 and runs till 8 PM native time on Might 31. The Legendary might be obtainable as a Raid boss all through the whole occasion, providing you with nearly two full weeks to catch it. GameSpot could get a fee from retail provides.