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Newest Angry Birds title released with a Connect Three format

Angry Birds has been one of the highest grossing casual mobile games of all ages, if calling it a casual game would even do it justice. Players can spend hours upon hours on the game seriously trying their best to beat a level and swipe out all pigs in the level with as less birds as possible. And this has remained consistent despite the platform, Android or iOS. There have been multiple games over the years, featuring the Angry Birds in different exotic locations and in different scenarios with a variety of different powers, colours, and sizes. All of them have the same goal. Wipe out all pigs on the map.

However, the latest release by Rovio, Angry Birds Dream Blast is nothing like their previous games. In a shocking turn of events, the newest title released today features no pigs and no launchable birds. However, it is in fact, a simple connect three game where you swap out gems to connect at least three or more in an attempt to clear the current puzzle level.

While this may be in contrast to the natural game style of Angry Birds, the game certainly is Angry Birds themed even though the gameplay itself may not be related in any way whatsoever. The biggest competitors in the path of Angry Birds have been the likes of Bejeweled and Candy Crush. Many other games have adopted their gem-swapping puzzle system to accomplish levels, while some games simply award players with additional levels while keeping the game as the main feature of the game.

While this was quite unexpected of Angry Birds, it might just pay out in their favour. Mobile gamers already mostly like the Angry Birds franchise and a gem swapping puzzle by them should sell, regardless of most connections and relations to the original angry birds. While that may be true, some players would have to be disappointed with their latest release, especially their loyal fanbase that was looking for another Angry Birds game where you could launch birds to destroy pigs on the map.