‘Last Fantasy VII Remake: Rebirth’ is delayed to early 2024

Written by Jeff Lampkin

Summer time Sport Fest’s last reveal was the sequel…est of all sequels: Last Fantasy VII Remake‘s second chapter, Rebirth. It’s going to take Cloud, Aerith and the remainder of the crew past Midgar, and we bought a glimpse and expanded areas for exploration, tapping into the facility of the PS5. 

The beginning of the trailer, nevertheless, teases alternate timelines and occasions but once more, with the collapse of the expressway (the top of FF7: Remake) displaying injured occasion members being stretchered onto helicopters, earlier than returning to extra acquainted story beats for anybody who’s performed the unique. 

We’ll get flashbacks to Tifa and Cloud’s reunion within the city of Kalm, the place they each grew up, and extra Sephiroth chewing up scenes with obscure dialogue and lovely hair. We additionally see secondary antagonists, the Turks, with a full roster, able to go three-on-three in opposition to your occasion. 

Essentially the most intriguing snippets have been battles displaying Cloud et al. capable of collaborate with one another on their strikes, upping the injury. It is one thing we noticed in FF7R’s DLC with Yuffie and her ally Sonan. The trailer additionally gave us the primary glimpse of each Yuffie and Crimson XIII (the speaking canine) duking it out alongside the remainder of the occasion. The sport has been delayed, to early 2024 now, however we now know it’s going to land on two discs — if that is any comfort.

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