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Last Fantasy VII Remake Optimization Tweaks Enhance DX12 Efficiency, TAA, Ambient Occlusion and Extra

A brand new Last Fantasy VII Remake mod that has been shared on-line previously few days brings some welcome efficiency and visible enhancements to the not too long ago launched PC model of the sport.

The brand new mod, which is definitely a tweaked engine.ini file, brings some GPU and VRAM optimizations that enhance DX12 streaming/loading Mip’s HLOD, Textures, Shaders streaming, resolving the vast majority of the stuttering points so long as the consumer stays inside their VRAM limits. The modified file additionally brings enhancements for TAA, Tonemaps, SSR, SSS, ambient occlusion lighting, and postprocessing.

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To utilize this Final Fantasy VII Remake modified ini file, customers may also want to put in FFVIIHook – INI first. Moreover, the tweaks have been made with an RTX 3070 8 GB VRAM GPU, so additional tweaks are wanted for various GPUs.

Improved efficiency optimizations with DX12 streaming/loading Mip’s LOD, Textures, Shaders streaming, improves the visible high quality by prioritizing seen mips over pressure loaded mips, Solely stream the final mip. The opposite mips are all the time loaded. Create shaders on load, which may scale back hitching, however use extra reminiscence, permits the feel streamer to first load the seen mips from a texture when non seen mips should even be loaded. This improves the visible high quality by prioritizing seen mips over pressure loaded mips or hidden mips that would change into seen. Shadowmap encoding after rebuild lightmaps is finished multithreaded. Lightmap encoding after rebuild lightmaps is finished multithreaded.¬†Create Pipeline State Objects asynchronously,¬†enabled for passes tagged for async compute (default); 2:enabled for all compute passes carried out to make use of the compute command checklist to asynchronously construct distance subject quantity information from meshes.
Barely Elevated visible High quality For TAA, Tonemaps, SSR, SSS, AO lighting/ postprocessing.

Last Fantasy VII Remake is now obtainable on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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