Intel “Unintentionally” Leaks A number of Subsequent-Gen CPUs & GPUs In Check Drivers: DG3 ‘Elasti’ GPUs, DG1 Codenames, Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake

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Intel has unintentionally leaked a number of upcoming CPU and GPU codenames inside its newest drivers for the eleventh Gen NUC. The drivers reveal codenames and branding for upcoming GPUs such because the DG3 ‘Elasti’ discrete, branding for ARC Alchemist DG2 graphics playing cards, and CPU codenames corresponding to Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, & Lunar Lake

The tweet reveals that it was launched on 12/7/2021, however clicking the hyperlink to Intel’s web site, the discharge date of the driving force is 12/14/2021. KOMACHI_ENSAKA continues to interrupt down what the discharge is previous to this precise tweet.

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Upon investigating the Twitter consumer’s account, on September twenty fourth, the consumer posed the query in a tweet, “If Ponte Vecchio is PVC, Arctic Sound is ATS, and ELG is heck?” A couple of months handed, after which posed a comply with as much as the tweet, persevering with to interrupt the code of what ELG may very well be.

KOMACHI_ENSAKA is referring to the DG3 GPU household extpecting to be utilized by the Arc Battlemage desktop and future cell GPUs.

An hour in the past was when the invention was discovered. The consumer found that “Elasti” DG is what was being referenced with the moniker “ELG,” and deduced that because of the driver numbers ending in “9999” had been referencing that this new driver is a “testing driver,” earlier than posting the highest tweet. This driver was to not see the general public eye as of but, however is now out there on Intel’s web site.

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“Elasti” is an inner codename that was given by Intel for an unreleased DG3 GPU collection. The motive force additionally helps a number of built-in GPUs featured on Intel’s next-gen CPUs corresponding to Raptor Lake, Meteor, Arrow Lake, and Lunar Lake. Once more, not one of the GPUs have launched on the time of this writing.

Nevertheless, DG3 was initially found by YouTuber Moore’s Legislation is Useless in Might 2023 throughout a dialogue on the Intel Xe-HPG PCB for DG2 GPU household, the place he had launched photos of the DG2 GPU, and had additionally found that DG3 (Elasti) could be the anticipated successor of the DG2 household.

Within the configuration recordsdata for the driving force, the next CPUs are revealed in tandem with the System PCI IDs:

  • Raptor Lake-S (RPLS)
  • Meteor Lake (MTL)
  • Arrow Lake (ARL)
  • Lunar Lake (LNL)

Intel Mainstream Desktop CPU Generations Comparability:

Intel CPU HouseholdProcessor Course ofProcessors Cores/Threads (Max)TDPsPlatform ChipsetPlatformReminiscence HelpPCIe HelpLaunch
Sandy Bridge (2nd Gen)32nm4/835-95W6-SequenceLGA 1155DDR3PCIe Gen 2.02011
Ivy Bridge (third Gen)22nm4/835-77W7-SequenceLGA 1155DDR3PCIe Gen 3.02012
Haswell (4th Gen)22nm4/835-84W8-SequenceLGA 1150DDR3PCIe Gen 3.02013-2014
Broadwell (fifth Gen)14nm4/865-65W9-SequenceLGA 1150DDR3PCIe Gen 3.02015
Skylake (sixth Gen)14nm4/835-91W100-SequenceLGA 1151DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02015
Kaby Lake (seventh Gen)14nm4/835-91W200-SequenceLGA 1151DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02017
Espresso Lake (eighth Gen)14nm6/1235-95W300-SequenceLGA 1151DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02017
Espresso Lake (ninth Gen)14nm8/1635-95W300-SequenceLGA 1151DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02018
Comet Lake (tenth Gen)14nm10/2035-125W400-SequenceLGA 1200DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02020
Rocket Lake (eleventh Gen)14nm8/1635-125W500-SequenceLGA 1200DDR4PCIe Gen 4.02021
Alder Lake (twelfth Gen)Intel 716/2435-125W600 SequenceLGA 1700DDR5 / DDR4PCIe Gen 5.02021
Raptor Lake (thirteenth Gen)Intel 724/3235-125W700-SequenceLGA 1700DDR5 / DDR4PCIe Gen 5.02023
Meteor Lake (14th Gen)Intel 4TBA35-125W800 Sequence?LGA 1700DDR5PCIe Gen 5.0?2023
Arrow Lake (fifteenth Gen)Intel 4?40/48TBA900-Sequence?TBADDR5PCIe Gen 5.0?2024
Lunar Lake (sixteenth Gen)Intel 3?TBATBA1000-Sequence?TBADDR5PCIe Gen 5.0?2025
Nova Lake (seventeenth Gen)Intel 3?TBATBA2000-Sequence?TBADDR5?PCIe Gen 6.0?2026

It’s decided that the PCI IDs can be used to additional pinpoint leaks sooner or later.

Intel’s NUC Package eleventh Gen driver at the moment lists two totally different DG3 GPUs, giving customers a sign that the brand new GPU remains to be in growth. Along with these, Videocardz has additionally found a pile of ARC Alchemist GPUs listed inside their newest graphics driver ( which embody:

  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A380 Graphics Household.
  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A350 Graphics Household.
  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A370M Graphics Household.
  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A350M Graphics Household.
  • Intel (R) Iris (R) Xe A200M Graphics Household.

Intel Xe-HPG Based mostly Discrete Alchemist GPU Configurations:

GPU VariantGraphics Card VariantGPU DieExecution ItemsShading Items (Cores)Reminiscence CapabilityReminiscence VelocityReminiscence BusTGP
Xe-HPG 512EUARC A780?Alchemist-512EU512 EUs4096Up To 32/16 GB GDDR618 / 16 / 14 Gbps256-bit~225W (Desktops)
120-150W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 384EUARC A750?Alchemist-512EU384 EUs3072Up To 12 GB GDDR616 / 14 Gbps192-bit150-200W (Desktops)
80-120W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 256EUARC A580?Alchemist-512EU256 EUs2048Up To eight GB GDDR616 / 14 Gbps128-bit60-80W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 128EUARC A380?Alchemist-128EU128 EUs1024Up To six GB GDDR616 / 14 Gbps96-bit~75W (Desktops)
Xe-HPG 128EUARC A350?Alchemist-128EU128 EUs1024Up To 4 GB GDDR616 / 14 Gbps64-bit35-50W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 96EUARC A330?Alchemist-128EU86 EUs768Up To 4 GB GDDR616 / 14 Gbps64-bit~35W (Laptops)

It seems like this driver (launched 2 days in the past), solely lists two DG3 GPUs so far. This means that the DG3 remains to be removed from being prepared.

Supply: Videocardz, Intel, @KOMACHI_ENSAKA, Moore’s Law is Dead

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