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God of War is Game of The Year at NY Game Awards

The New York video game critics announced their choice for the Game of the Year yesterday at the New York Game Awards held at the SVA Theatre at New York City. According to the organisers, the event was streamed on Twitch and watched by more than 400,000 users via the platform.

God of War released last year has been taking the world by storm and winning awards all over the world so frequently that it has turned into more of a trend. And the trend was exactly what was continued at the New York Game Awards this year. And even here, Sony’s PlayStation exclusive title, God of War took the spotlight by winning The Game of the Year Award. It also received the award for the best acting in a game and the recipient was none other than Christopher Judge, the very person who played Kratos in the game. And the glory which the game is receiving is undeniable. The series has always been critically acclaimed, but their latest addition and the twists which it entails make the game even more gripping and exciting to play while maintaining the artistic quality behind the entire series based on Mythology.

God of War, however, was not the only game to gain a massive share of the spotlight even though it may have had the biggest piece of the pie. There were two other games which received two awards each. Rockstar Games’ long-awaited sequel Red Dead Redemption 2 received the awards for the Best World and the Best Writing. When you take into consideration how immersively they have designed their world, it would come as no surprise that it received the award. After all, their world detail is deep enough that Animal skins decay and your horse’s testicles shrink in the cold. As for the best writing, that one is pretty self explanatory and comes as no surprise either.

As for the second game, Tetris Effect won the awards for the best Virtual Reality game and the best music in a game.

The full ceremony can be seen here.