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Fortnite brings Snowman Armour and others in 7.20 update

The Fortnite community has been changing quite drastically over the last days and each change has been as drastic and exciting as the last. Their latest v7.20 Content Update is no different. In fact, this update features a brand new Snowman Armour and the Omega Pyramid as the main attractions. There is also a new Limited time Mode known as Sniper Shootout.

As per the Update Log, the Snowman Armour is an armour which can easily double up as a disguise and confuse enemies on the map. While the player cannot wield any weapons in this armour, they can spawn other destructible snowmen and move around on the map freely. Players have also been given the ability to take off and wear the armour whenever they want. However, the ability to build in this armour has been removed and the armour has been given 100 hit points to balance things out.

As for the Omega Pyramid, it is the updated version of the Cube with many mysteries and challenges which exist within the game.

Finally, the new limited time Sniper Shootout mode comprises only Snipers and the legendary scoped Revolver which is also a new addition to the game. In this new mode, reviving knocked out partners has been removed in Duos and Squads, forcing the players to be more careful than ever. Especially combined with the Snowman Armour.

The latest update also features Lynx Kassandra, a new playable hero which will be available once the new hero loadout starts out and a new Guardian’s Will Sword. There have been other Balancing updates and changes made to the game which mostly includes a changing the drop and spawn frequencies of most items on various maps of the game.

These new updates, especially the Snowman Armour, the Legendary Scoped Revolver, and the Sniper Shootout mode will surely cause a change in the way in which players usually play the game. In the end, it’s certain that these additions will be more fun than not to have in game.