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DICE confirms that Battlefield V will not have Rentable Player Servers anytime soon

There has been a lot of rumour and controversy about the existence of Player Rentable Servers in the latest Battlefield game, Battlefield V. With the developers deliberating about whether it will be a reality or not like it was in their previous titles like Battlefield 1. However, all the controversy was dispelled today when the developers from DICE released a comparatively more definitive statement on Reddit about how RSPs were not going to be a reality anytime soon for many reasons that the company faces.

Dan Mitre said in the post:

” In regards specifically to RSP, I’m going to keep it simple. You haven’t seen an update in our direction with RSP because we haven’t made a full decision internally whether or not we can deliver it.
RSP needs to meet standards and your expectations with the tools we provide – that takes development resources. It also needs to make economical development sense – we can’t introduce a feature that ends up costing more to keep maintained than it returns (I know that statement will open up more debate, and I encourage that, but this is the reality of the situation). In other words, we don’t want to impact development resources of main game Quality of Life commitment and upcoming content by routing team bandwidth to RSP development. There’s also financial implications here that go well beyond my remit. Let’s tackle the former before we tackle the latter.
That said, is RSP off the table? Not at all. Our teams need to weigh this carefully and either commit fully to the service or not provide it at all – and you need an official statement on what that decision is once it’s been made. “

It would seem that the company faces quite a lot of problems, especially monetary if they decide to release Rentable Servers for Players. This might arise from the fact that the recent release of the Battlefield 1 Rentable Servers which were meant to replace the RSPs for the rest of the Battlefield games in addition to being an RSP for its own self. Perhaps it is a reflection of the requirements for the modern competitive world of gaming where players jump from one game to the other and developers must keep up with the pace or risk getting lost in the crowd.

Whatever be the reasons, one thing remains clear that Battlefield V shall not be receiving any RSP support for the time being. It may receive such support in the future, provided the players of the game remain with the franchise.

Hardcore players of the Battlefield series are certainly upset with this decision. Most of them believe that “Battlefield games and RSPs go hand-in-hand” while others go as far as saying that RSPs are the only way to keep Battlefield V alive. However, whether they will wait around long enough for the RSPs to show up to the game is another story altogether. In the end, RSPs are what loyal fans of the community want, however, the community might not be so large as the global fanbase if modern trends are considered. And that is probably the reason why DICE has been deliberating so much upon this decision of theirs.