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Apex Legends Escape Gameplay Trailer Reveals Off New Legend Ash and the Storm Level Map

Final week Respawn teased the contents of Apex Legends’ upcoming “Escape” season, together with new Titanfall crossover Legend Ash, and now they’ve offered some actual gameplay. The footage gives a take a look at the brand new Storm Level map, a tropical island brimming with hazard together with large spiders and dinosaur-like monsters, in addition to Ash’s portal and electrical tether skills. Try the Apex Legends gameplay trailer, beneath.

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Seems to be like Respawn Vancouver have cooked up a reasonably meaty replace! Right here’s the full rundown on Ash’s backstory and abilities.

Born within the unforgiving Frontier, Dr. Ashleigh Reid – nonetheless very a lot a human – realized early that the one one who was going to look out for her was herself. In the future, she was employed by a mercenary group for a fragile job: steal an experimental gas supply being researched within the Outlands metropolis of Olympus. It was the proper job for Reid, who infiltrated and psychologically manipulated the researchers for years. When the lab self-destructed, she died. And didn’t.

Particular Skills:

  • Arc Snare – Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the primary enemy who will get too shut.
  • Marked for Loss of life – Ash’s map reveals the situation of latest deathboxes and marks surviving attackers.
  • Section Breach – Tear open a one-way portal to a focused location.

In the meantime, right here’s a bit extra element concerning the Storm Point map and the wildlife you’ll face there

Situated on the planet Gaea, Storm Level is a long-forgotten IMC analysis base and is now house to the Apex Video games. It’s our largest map to this point, about 15% greater than World’s Edge. It options all kinds of numerous areas, from tropical island hopping to large mountain slides that let you play larger than earlier maps. There’s a lot to see and rather a lot to speak about, so let’s dive in.

Gravity Cannons

Almost all of the redeploy balloons are gone. Of their place are the Gravity Cannons and so they’re a wonderful methodology to outrun the ring. Step inside of 1 and it’ll launch you in a pre-determined course. Whereas touring by means of the air, you could have pitch management and may land to the edges of the receiving factors of the Gravity Cannon to keep away from traps and different risks. You even have full management of your weapons, grenades, tactical skills, and ultimates when touring by means of the air.


On Storm Level, gamers shall be dropping right into a world that’s teeming with harmful wildlife. Wildlife Nests are thrilling new fight encounters that supply strategic looting choices for squads as they plan their paths by means of to the mid-stages of a match!

  • Prowlers – Prowlers are aggressive creatures that hunt in packs, and may be discovered patrolling their Prowler Dens throughout Storm Level. In the event that they spot you, they’ll remember to warn that you simply’re getting too shut and aren’t too pleasant to uninvited friends. Maintaining your distance leaves the choice to interact in your palms. Be careful although, for those who select to interact, extra will emerge from the Prowler Dens to defend their territory.
  • Spiders – Prowlers aren’t the one issues dwelling on Storm Level. Spider eggs are scattered throughout the map. Inflicting harm to those eggs will disturb the spiders inside, hatching a swarm of critters that may fortunately have you ever for lunch. These giant arachnids are ranged, web-spitting enemies that select to interact with their potential meals from afar earlier than sinking their tooth into them. Whereas squishier than prowlers, these enemies are fast and scurry round to reposition themselves continuously.
  • Flyers – Look to the sky to reap the rewards carried by Flyers discovered hovering or preached excessive above. Flyers are spawned individually throughout the map and their positions are randomly chosen from a predetermined checklist of doable spawn areas every match.

Apex Legends is out there now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Change, and is playable through backward compatibility on Xbox Sequence X/S and PS5. The Escape season will kick off on November 2.