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Anthem VIP Demo given a workaround for glitches by Devs

Anthem VIP Demo given workaround for glitches by Devs
Written by Jeff Lampkin

With all the hype building up around EA and Bioware’s latest upcoming title Anthem, the long list of glitches in the VIP Demo version was nothing more than a sore disappointment for all players looking forward to getting a taste of the game. While different platforms are experiencing different difficulties, the common difficulty faced by all players alike was that they could not log in to the game or connect to the servers.

Apparently, there is an infinite loading glitch which occurs right as the game starts wherein the game itself proceeds to load all the way up to 95% and simply stops there until the end of time. Electronic Arts state that this issue is not about a server overload, but rather something else entirely. They tweeted thrice in three hours, promising to work on the problem while making people unhappy about extending the demo for yet another day.

Finally, Bioware came up with the solution to this problem. Mark Darrah from Bioware tweeted the following:

“Not a fix, BUT: If you are hitting the 95% load hang Try quitting out and restarting. You may get a message, “Game server detected, do you want to rejoin?” say yes. That MAY get past the block. Again, not a fix, but it may get you past.”

Apparently, the solution to the complex problem is simple for the time being. Simply force the game to shut down and restart the game and players should be able to access the actual content within the game. However ridiculous it may seem, it worked for both the developers and the players for the first day.

By restarting the game, the players are quitting all existing processes, and coming out of the infinite loading loop. Then upon restarting, they can connect to the official servers to continue loading beyond 95%. While that may have been the workaround for that day, the issue has still not been resolved in the following day and people are still restarting their games. The problem is particularly bad for Xbox One gamers who must restart their console entirely for the game to load.

Apart from that, EA released a statement talking about all the bugs and issues that needed immediate attention and fixing. According to them, they need to work on granting access to players and letting people actually play the game because apparently while everyone suffers from being unable to cross the infinite loading screen, a few players are unable to go beyond the title screen. Xbox One players cannot even download the Demo version of the game, while a few players are simply unable to share their invite codes with their friends.

With problems this severe, the launch of Anthem looks rather grim especially with how many people have been displeased by the fact that they had paid for the exclusive demo on pre-order which failed to deliver. This has already caused a drastic drop of faith within the community and it will further continue to decline if EA doesn’t address these problems soon.

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