AMD’s RDNA 2 GPUs Together with Navi 21, Navi 22, Navi 23 Obtain 17 New PCI IDs – May Be The Alleged 6nm Refresh

Written by Jeff Lampkin

Phoronix reported this morning that a further 17 PCI IDs for AMD RDNA 2 GPUs together with Navi 21, Navi 22 & Navi 23 have been added to the Linux kernel graphics driver. The explanation for the addition of those seventeen PCI IDs is unknown, however it’s odd as a result of a lot of PCI IDs already in earlier patches and would possibly trace that AMD is readying both a refresh of its present merchandise for subsequent yr or these are merely customized designs for companions.

AMD Navi 21, Navi 22, Nav 23 RDNA 2 GPUs Recieve 17 Model New PCI IDs Hinting At A Doable 6nm Refresh

Does this result in a chance of extra RDNA2 graphics playing cards being launched by AMD? It does result in a considerable amount of hypothesis, however it’s famous that corporations do put aside a bunch of IDs that may very well be used for “engineering fashions,” which might be added for future fashions which have but to be launched, and even related IDs for related fashions. The opposite possibility may very well be custom-made variations that had been made for AMD’s giant line of companions.

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The IDs add 5 Sienna Cichlid, 5 Navy Flounder, and 7 Dimgrey Cavefish PCI IDs.

  • Sienna Cichlid (0x73A5, 0x73A8, 0x73A9, 0x73AC, 0x73AD)
  • Navy Flounder (0x73DA, 0x73DB, 0x73DC, 0x73DD, 0x73DE)
  • Dimgrey Cavefish (0x73E8, 0x73E9, 0x73EA, 0x73EB, 0x73EC, 0x73ED, 0x73EF)

Rogame additionally believes that these PCI IDs for particular fashions which may very well be for PRO & particular GPU variants.

May there presumably be a refresh of RDNA2s, the Navi 22, 23, and 24 GPUs from AMD that might launch along with the brand new Navi 3X RDNA3 traces? Once more, the solutions are merely unknown in the mean time. It was beforehand rumored that AMD is planning to solely launch three Navi 3X GPUs together with a refresh of AMD’s present graphics card traces using an optimized 6nm course of node.

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Proper now, we do not need sufficient particulars to assemble something however rumors and hypothesis. The brand new AMD Navi 3X traces ought to begin to seem inside the subsequent yr, and if a refresh on RDNA 2 GPUs is to occur, it will likely be throughout 2023.

If you’re in want of the brand new AMDGPU graphics kernel for Linux, please seek advice from the Radeon™ Software for Linux® 20.45 Release Notes page on AMD’s web site that not solely has the hyperlinks for the kernel downloads but in addition the best way to examine your system to see you probably have the brand new Linux drivers or the best way to forestall the most recent improve to your system.

AMD RDNA Generational GPU Lineup

Radeon LineupRadeon RX 5000Radeon RX 6000Radeon RX 7000Radeon RX 8000
Course of Node7nm7nm5nm/6nm?5nm/3nm?
GPU HouseholdNavi 1XNavi 2XNavi 3XNavi 4X
Flagship GPUN/ANavi 21 (5120 SPs)Navi 31 (15360 SPs)Navi 41
Excessive-Finish GPUNavi 10 (2560 SPs)Navi 22 (2560 SPs)Navi 32 (10240 SPs)Navi 42
Mid-Tier GPUNavi 12 (2560 SPs)Navi 23 (2048 SPs)Navi 33 (5120 SPs)Navi 43
Entry-Tier GPUNavi 14 (1536 SPs)Navi 24 (1024 SPs)Navi 34 (2560 SPs)Navi 44

Information Supply: Videocardz

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