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10 Best rarest beanie boos in 2023: According to Experts.

Written by Jeff Lampkin

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This blog article shares ten of the rarest beanie boos that are scheduled to be released in 2023, regardless of how many they have been published in the past. While these beanie boo dolls are expected to sell out and go on sale soon, Beanie Boos fans will be able to get a sneak peek at them before they are revealed to the public this Fall by visiting one of the upcoming events.


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Best rarest beanie boos: A complete buying guide

Beanie Boos are one of the most popular items in the US. They have been on the market for more than a century. There are many varieties, colors, and styles to choose from these days. If you\’re interested in buying one of these babies, there are some factors that you should take into account before doing so. Some beanie boos can be seen on TV or online stores, but others will have to be purchased from actual stores. The best way to find out if your desired beanie boo is rare is by doing some research about it\’s rarity level. If a particular bear has been seen on TV or online store, it means that it\’s not considered as rare as other bears with no media exposure.

What is rarest beanie boos?

Beanie Boo is a small cuddly stuffed toy with a head shaped like an ordinary bean. Beanie Boos were created in China in the early 1990s and are manufactured by Ty, Inc. Beanie Boos are designed to be extremely collectible and have been produced since 1991. The company has sold over 300 million of these toys, which have been released in over 1100 different varieties. These come in a variety of colors, textures, themes—including Disney characters, farm animals, and other popular figures—and sizes from as small as 1-inch to as large as 18-inches high.

Why should you buy a good rarest beanie boos?

Beanie boos are a type of stuffed animal, typically made of cotton or wool, that has been popularized by the children\’s television program Sesame Street. It was derived from the earlier rattle toy with the same name. The show is also responsible for introducing many other toys and in turn influencing other toy makers to create their own versions of these toys. Beanie boo collectibles have been one of the most sought-after types of collectibles in recent years with an increased popularity among middle and high school students who prefer them over more popular items like action figures, trading cards, and comic books.

What is the best kind of rarest beanie boos?

One of the most common questions people have is what even is the rarest beanie boo in 2023? The rarest beanie boos are those that are less than 20 or 25 pieces. It is important to understand that rarity doesn\’t always mean value, but experts agree that these types of beanie boos usually have some value. For example, if a beanie boo only has a few pieces left and they are in mint condition, then it could sell for thousands of dollars.


10 Best rarest beanie boos in 2023: According to Experts.

1. Ty Beanie Boo Opal – Pastel cat – 6″ -Toys & Games

By Ty

This Ty Beanie Boo Opal cat is a must-have for all fanciers of the feline form! This soft, plush toy is adorned with pastel turquoise and pink stripes down its body, sparkling pink eyes, and white fluffy tail. Designed to be 6″ tall (excluding ears), this lovable kitty will make a great addition to any child’s collection.

2. TeeTurtle | The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie | Patented Design | Purple and Blue | Show your mood without saying a word! -Toys & Games

By TeeTurtle

The reversible mood octopus is pretty much a 2023 Beanie Baby. This fidget toy is perfect for stress relief and lets you show your mood without saying a word! Get this award-winning Octopus Plushie to show your friend and family how you’re really feeling. Over 24,000 5 star reviews attest to its quality and popularity, making it a must-have in any toy box. Kids and adults alike will love the supersoft fabric and portable size of the plushies. Not to mention, they flip INSIDE OUT, thanks to TeeTurtle’s patented Reversible Plushie design. Collect them all!

3. Ty Beanie Boo Karli – Gray Spotted Koala 6″ -Toys & Games

By Ty

Introducing Ty Beanie Boo Karli, the adorable gray spotted koala bear! This soft and cuddly plush toy is sure to make any child happy. With blue glitter eyes and pink paws, feet, and inside ears, Ty Beanie Boo Karli is an adorable addition to any nursery or playroom. Measuring approximately 6″ tall, Ty Beanie Boo Karli is perfect for infants and young children aged 6 months and up.

4. TY 37223 Beanie Boos Rainbow Dog Reg, Small -Toys & Games


Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Collectable soft 6 inch Beanie Boos Rainbow Dog Reg, Small part of Ty’s hugely popular Beanie Boo collection. Brightly Colored design and Part of Ty’s hugely popular Beanie Boos collection.

5. TY 2008072 Plush Toy, Pink -Toys & Games

By Ty

Introducing Ty Beanie Boo’s Eva – an adorable 15 cm tall elephant made of soft pink fur and purple ears. Her birthday is on August 6th, so make sure to celebrate her special day with this amazing plush toy. Eva is a perfect friend for anyone who loves animals, and she will accompany you everywhere you go!

6. GUND Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Stuffed Animal Plush, Gray, 12″ -Toys & Games


GUND Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Stuffed Animal Plush is perfect for babies of all ages! This adorable singing elephant comes to life with the push of a button, featuring two play modes to entertain and delight baby. Flappy now features enhanced audio with volume controls, which users can adjust by holding either foot for three seconds. In interactive play mode, press Flappy’s left foot to engage him in an interactive game of peek-a-boo, where Flappy hides behind his soft, oversized ears. Press his right foot to sing along to “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” in a cute child’s voice while his ears flap to the rhythm! As the premier plush toy company founded in 1898, GUND guarantees that each and every one of their toys is made with quality and innovation in mind.

7. MGparty 72PCS Sensory Fidget Toys Set, Stress Anxiety Relief Assortment Toys for Kids Adults,Party Favors Carnival Prize Classroom Rewards Pinata Goodie Bag Fillers -Toys & Games

By MGparty

This 72-piece sensory fidget toy set is perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. The stretchy strings are so elastic that they can be stretched and bent to release anxiety, while the animal slow rising squeeze toy with cute pattern and sweet scented Mochi Squeeze Toy is made of soft and stretchy silicone. The mesh and marble Sensory Toys are made with high-quality plastic mesh and premium marbles, making them durable enough for hours of play. When you’re feeling stressed or bored, you can squeeze, roll and slide the marble forth for calming down. It’s a great way to relieve stress – small enough to hold in your hand, but large enough to provide lots of stimulation. The sensory fidget toys meet US Toy Standard ASTM & CPC TEST APPROVED safety guidelines.

8. Ty Beanie Baby – Dumbo The Elephant – 6″ -Toys & Games

By Ty

Introducing Ty Beanie Baby – Dumbo The Elephant! This soft and cuddly beanie baby is the perfect addition to any child’s wardrobe. With its large size, this elephant will be sure to make a statement. Made of 100% premium wool, this beanie baby will keep your little one warm all winter long.

9. TY 2007519 Nina Mouse with Tutu Beanie Boo Stuffed Animal, Multicoloured -Toys & Games

By Ty

This adorable TY 2007519 Nina Mouse with Tutu Beanie Boo Stuffed Animal is sure to make your little one’s birthday celebration complete! Made from super soft TY silk fabric, this mouse is 15 cm tall and comes with a matching tutu beanie boos. Schimmernde Glitzeraugen und super glitzernde Texturen give it an elegant look that will wow everyone at the party.

10. KINGYAO Squishies Squishy Toy 24pcs Party Favors for Kids Mochi Squishy Toy moji Kids Mini Kawaii squishies Mochi Stress Reliever Anxiety Toys Easter Basket Stuffers fillers with Storage Box -Toys & Games


KINGYAO Squishies Squishy Toy 24pcs Party Favors for Kids Mochi Squishy Toy moji Kids Mini Kawaii squishies Mochi Stress Reliever Anxiety Toys Easter Basket Stuffers fillers with Storage Box is a collection of adorable and cuddly squishies squishy mochi toys. Our soft, safe TPR material ensures that these mini treasures will be gentle on your hands – even when they’re released in all their squishiness! These little guys make the perfect valentine’s day gifts for kids, as well as party favors or stress relievers for any occasion.

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Beanie Boos

Beanie Boos are collectible plush toys that have been around for a long time. They were first introduced in the 1920s and have been made for generations since then.
The Beanie Boo has gone through many different changes throughout the years, but the overall shape is always the same: a small stuffed bear with a big head. Beanies come in many different colors and styles such as bows, flowers, and hearts. There are currently more than 700 varieties of Beanie Boos sold on Amazon alone.
According to \”Collectible Plush Toys\” by Christopher Leach, the most expensive Beanie Boo for sale on Amazon was handmade by hand in 1952. In 2018, it was worth $1,678.

Ten of the rarest beanie boos scheduled to be released in 2023

Beanie boos are a type of beanie with an attached knitted or crocheted \’boo\’ that poses a threat to scare off ghosts who might attack. They were first made in 1966 and they became popular around the 1970s. Beanie boos were originally mass-produced by Tyco Toys, which is now owned by Mattel. But there are still many rare beanie boos out there and they\’re not just one type. There are many different types including monsters, animals, robots, and more.

Traditionally, rare beanie boo dolls have been more popular than others

Today, beanie boo manufacturers produce new dolls with multiple variations of characters. Many people who like to collect beanie boo dolls prefer to buy a rare doll instead of a common one because they believe that the unique features will make that doll their favorite and hold it for decades. Some of the rarest beanies boos include Pebbles by Tyco, Princess Tiana By Tyco, Disney Princesses by Tyco, Marvel Super Heroes By Tyco, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Playmates.

The ten most anticipated beanie boos that are planned for release in 2023

Beanie boos have been around for over 50 years, and they are currently on their 11th series. The company has a huge following among children and adults alike and it is a part of American culture. There are many different designs that have been released over the years, but there are certain ones that were more popular than others. Beanie boo collectors know which ones will be very hard to find in 2023 when they are planning their collections and which ones could become worth more than $1000 each in just the few years.

Who is the Beanie Boos Company?

Beanie Babies are rare, hard-to-find, and sought after collectibles by children and adults of all ages. Beanie Boos were first introduced in 1998 as a toy that would be a companion to a child. They were designed by Ty Warner, the founder of the company. They became popular because they were so cuddly and soft. This popularity caused the company to experience huge success, which was followed by many other companies making replicas of Beanie Boos with names like Kitten Mittens, Peanut Butter and Jelly Beanies, and many more.

The History of the Beanie Boos Doll

The History of the Beanie Boos Doll is much older than most people realize. It was first manufactured in 1984 by Tyco Toys, Inc. The company changed its name to Tyco Inc. in 1999 and then went bankrupt in 2002. In 2004, Mattel acquired the rights to the Beanie Boos brand from Tyco and introduced more modern versions of the doll that children could relate to.

How Many Beanie Boos Dolls Are Currently in Production?

There are currently only 1,000 Beanie Boos dolls produced a month. The company states that the rarest in production is the brown-haired doll that comes with a leather coat and a picnic basket. The next rarest Beanie Boo includes a red head with polka dot dress and black boots.

Rare Beanie Boos Released in 2023

In 2023, there was a big release of beanie boos on the market. These new beanie boos were designed to be a little more edgy than the regular beanies with their sunglasses and black leather jackets. One of my favorites is called \”Runner Beanie Boo.\” It has very cool features like reflective eyes and it\’s equipped with a microphone and speaker so you can use it as your own personal device.

What Makes a Rare Beanie Boo?

Beanie boos are loved by kids and adults alike. They are small, colorful, and always have a wide range of faces to choose from. The popularity of these toys has created a large variety of Beanie Boo dolls that have been released to the market. One factor that makes some Beanie Boos rare is when there is a limited release for either the general public or for a specific retailer. Some rare Beanie Boos come with extra clothing. For example, some rare Beanie Boos come with extra hats, snoods, or mittens so that you can get an assortment of different options for your special character.


Beanie Boos are little Beanie Babies that resemble the original plush animal toys that were popular in the 1990s. These small stuffed animals have a wide variety of designs and personalities, which makes them an interesting collectible among adults and children alike. In the future, some Beanie Boos will likely be rarer than others because they\’re retired or discontinued. When looking for a particular Beanie Boo, it might be worth your time to find out if it is one of the rarest beanies ever produced by checking eBay or other online auction sites.


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